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Layaps go for vegetables

Farming: Located just below the snowline, layaps, (people of Laya) growing or selling vegetables sounds odd. But the newfound wealth is thriving in the gewog situated 3,800 metres above the sea level.

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Raw and thrillingly elemental production indeed

Hamlet: Precariously imminent is a war. Nervous, the sentries and liegemen to the Dane stand guard at the Castle of Elsinore. It is midnight and so bitterly cold that it sickens the heart. Yes, something is utterly rotten in the state of Denmark.

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The tales of Meretsemo’s rubber tree

Folklore: There is a story in Meretsemo that every resident shares to a visitor. It’s about a tree, a tall rubber tree that has for decades triggered the attention of strangers and one, which residents say is significant to their lives.

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Wild boars reap Bumdeling’s paddy harvest

Farmers blame the ban on shifting cultivation for the damage caused by the boars 

HWC: With harvest time nearing, farmers of Bumdeling in Tashiyangtse are worried there may not be much left to harvest as wild pigs continue to destroy the fields.

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Lauri and Serthi still in the dark

Power cuts last for weeks and months sometimes

Electricity: After decades of waiting and years of contributing labour, the remote gewogs of Serthi and Lauri in Jomotsangkha dungkhag finally received electricity last year. But the supply is erratic and blackout has become a part of life in the gewogs.

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20 birders contest in first birdathon

Team Hornbills won the daylong race by spotting 146 birds

Nature: As they heard the first calls of the birds at dawn, forestry officer, Dorji Rabten and his wife Singye Wangmo sets out with a camera and binoculars to attend to the calling of the birds in Gelephu.

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A saloon in a monastery

Barber donates equipment and conducts training on safe practice 

Service:  It hardly takes five minutes to cut a monk’s hair as the preferred style is clean shave, but the Woesel Choeling monastery in Rangjung will have a proper saloon to cater to the monks.

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Power cut leaves Torsa residents anxious

Studies for about 112 students living in the makeshift huts along the embankment have been affected 

Thromde: With electricity connection discontinued for more than 50 illegal makeshift houses along the Torsa embankment in Phuentsholing early this month, residents are worried that their school-going children would be the most affected with their final examinations just a few months away.

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The last three blacksmiths of Woochu

With no takers to learn, the craft is on the verge of extinction

Craft: With only three elderly blacksmiths left in Paro’s Woochu village, which is known for its fine products, it is feared that the village’s craft is on the verge of being history.

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The sour side of lemon grass business

Difficulty in getting helpers hinders farmers involved in the business 

Community: Working at the lemon grass distillation unit located along the Mongar-Trashigang highway in Zangpong, Kinzang Tshomo, 32, is not at all bothered by the heat or the rain.

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Volunteers build house for a needy family

Community: Sherab Pemo, a divorcee and her nine-year-old son have long waited for the day. On September 26, about 40 Tsirang dzongkhag officials came together as volunteers to construct a semi-permanent house for them.

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