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From paddy to jersey cows

Difficult to rear but worth the effort say farmers

Agriculture: Seven years ago farmer Khadka Bahadur of Giri village took a gamble. Often losing his paddy to wild animals, he decided to call it quits and take up cattle rearing.

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Villagers decry decision to downgrade gewog’s only school

>Villagers want to relocate the primary school to a safer location

Nahi: Villagers of Nahi gewog, Wangdue are not happy with the education ministry’s decision to downgrade the gewog’s only school. The feeling was made known to their representative to the National council, Tashi Dorji last week when he visited the gewog.

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Jadrel Sangay Dorji (1913-2015)

Prolific builder of hermitages and stupas and a Bodhisattva life-saver

Obituary: In his century plus long life, he was quite free from worldly activities, and was aptly titled a renunciate - Jadrel. He built few monastic centres in a hectic period when the energies of his contemporaries were substantially consumed by mobilization of offerings for construction of monastic colleges and their institution building.

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The last of the Chonduri singers

Tradition: Be it gewog or private festivals, consecration of a new house or any type of celebratory event in the village, it would be incomplete without the "chonduri" singers of Choekhorling gewog.

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