Wednesday, July 1st, 2015 - 12:32 PM
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First Bhutanese awarded the White Coat

darjMikyo Dorji

Excellence:  Fifteen-year-old Mikyo Dorji became the first Bhutanese to be accorded with the rare and esteemed White Coat of St Joseph’s School, Darjeeling, for his outstanding performance in the field of sports on May 27. A class 10 student, Mikyo earlier won the Blue Coat for excelling in Cricket, Basketball and Volleyball. Mikyo Dorji was also declared the most-valuable-player (MVP) during the Anglo-India School Basketball Tournament. The Blue Coat award is bestowed upon a student who excels in sports, academic and behaviour said the father [... Read More]

Numbers matter?

chenchoStriker Chencho Gyeltshen will not be wearing No 7

National players not happy with shuffled jersey number Football: With less than two weeks left for the first game of the second round of the World Cup qualification match against Hong Kong, the last thing the national team need is disagreement. But members of the squad were not happy with the jersey number they were awarded as they prepare physically and mentally for the important match. Striker Chencho Gyeltshen who is popularly known as the “Ronaldo of Bhutan” and “CG7” has been given the jersey [... Read More]

The march of the army worms

IMG_5452A pair of army worms gorge on a maize sapling

Breeding-conducive cool weather makes this year’s outbreak the worst to date Pest: With 11 gewogs in Punakha reporting an outbreak of army worm, farmers say the infestation this year is worse than the ones they saw in the last two years. Senior dzongkhag agriculture officer, NB Adhikari, said the worms started attacking paddy nursery plants and crawled onto other plants nearby. NB Adhikari said the worm tended to multiply fast since the cool weather in the past week provided favourable condition to reproduce. However, he [... Read More]

Gelephu airport opened

20150515_114814The airport’s new terminal and air traffic control building (File photo)

Aviation: A little more than three years after being inaugurated, Gelephu domestic airport has now been certified by the Bhutan Civil Aviation Authority as fit for scheduled flight operations. The certification is an international requirement, which means necessary infrastructure, human resources and procedures, among others, are in place to allow scheduled flights. The Department of Air Transport’s (DAT) officiating director Karma Wangchuk said that the agency had written to the national airline Drukair informing it of the certification. “It’s up to them when they want [... Read More]

Players throng court despite warnings

MG_2690Cracks visible on the building that houses the basketball court

The indoor basketball facility at the swimming pool complex is as much a hive of activity as ever Basketball: Bhutan Basketball Federation (BBF) has said on Monday that players can enter the indoor basketball court at the swimming pool complex at their own risk.  However, BBF will not be responsible in case of any mishap. BBF conducted a non-destructive testing (NDT) on three pillars of the structure in the court.  A test conducted by Advance Geo-Tech Engineering and Testing, a private company, found the strength [... Read More]

His Majesty meets highlanders of Merak

20150525-IMG_5161A schoolgirl wins a Soelra-lottery prize during the public tokha granted by His Majesty to the people of Merak

Visit: The mood in Merak is of jubilation, as the village that sits huddled between breathtaking pasturelands at an altitude over 3500 meters high, hosts their King and Queen. His Majesty The King, accompanied by Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen, arrived in Merak on the evening of May 24, having travelled for more than 10 hours from Dewathang, meeting people from the region who had lined up along the highway to greet Their Majesties. The people of Merak, striking in their red jackets of sheep wool [... Read More]

Govt. to send 400 more Bhutanese to Kuwait this year


Q-Hour: The government will send 400 more Bhutanese to Kuwait this year through its overseas employment programme, the minister for labour and human resources, Ngeema Sangay Tshempo, said during the question hour session of the National Assembly yesterday. He said that overseas employment, which is much criticised, has become the most important programme, if the government’s pledge of providing jobs to all jobseekers is to be fulfilled. To date, the labour ministry has sent about 720 Bhutanese abroad, mostly to the Middle East, for various [... Read More]

Suspected arsonist in custody

DSCN2129A heavy rain helped the families save the two houses from the fire

Crime: A woman suspected of attempting to burn down two houses on the night of May 24 in Drametse gewog, Winkhartse village, has been arrested by Mongar police. The incident occurred towards mid-night when Kencho Choden, a mother of two daughters, unable to sleep because of a bad dream, heard a noise outside her one storied house and then smelled kerosene. This forced her to wake up and go and check when she discovered her front door on fire. Kencho Choden then called her parents [... Read More]

Council weighs in on election issues

DSC08455The National Council has directed the legislative committee to submit a final report on election issues

Legislative committee to submit a final report for adoption NC: The National Council yesterday resolved that the election Act does not need an amendment to include the provision of it being a continuous house, since it was already stated in the National Council (amendment) bill, which the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) assured would be respected. The National Council discussed election related issues and several provisions in the election rules, guidelines, and handbooks that were identified for improvement. Council’s legislative committee presented its findings and [... Read More]

Dough fat racket unearthed

IMG_5243The repacked dough fat are sold without labels

The unlabelled product was found to mislead and give false information OCP: One month after launching the consumer protection rules and regulations by the economic affairs ministry, the office of consumer protection (OCP) received a complaint about misleading the people and giving false representation of a product. The complaint was concerning an imported dough fat, known as Kagye Maa, without label.  The dough fat imported from India was sold as from Singapore. Dough fat is produced from palm oil.  It is usually used in confectionery [... Read More]