Friday, October 24th, 2014 - 2:26 PM
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Recently discovered rock Buddha face draws crowds

IMG_3221Buddha face: The rock figure as seen from across the Punatshangchu

Landmark: A rock, resembling Buddha‘s face, located on a hill below Wangduephodrang dzong, has of late attracted hundreds of visitors. It can be viewed from across the river and has been named ‘Buddha face’ by locals and social media users, where the photo has been circulated. Locals and travellers drop by the Wangdue bridge to take a tour to the rock figure and take photographs.  While some offer prayers, nyendas (money offering) and string prayer flags across the stone figure, others take a closer look [... Read More]

Mongar wins eastern regional taekwondo tournament

20140914_152729---CopyParticipants of the two-day competition

Taekwondo:  Mongar dzongkhag triumphed as the champions during the two-day eastern regional taekwondo championship held at Trashiyangtse that ended yesterday. Sixty students Trashiyangtse, Mongar and Trashigang participated in the tournament organised by the Trashiyangtse taekwondo association (TTA). Although taekwondo teams from Bumthang and Lhuentse were also invited to participate in the tournament, the teams couldn’t make it this time. “There were no participants from Pemagatshel and Samdrupjongkhar, because there are no taekwondo clubs in these dzongkhags,” general secretary of TTA, Tshewang Namgay, said. The tournament [... Read More]

Are the speed-breakers more of a hazard than a help?

DSC_3375Expressway: No longer a highway but part of city’s urban road network

Drivers and pedestrians are dubious about the changes; authorities, though, are sanguine Expressway: An incident last weekend, along the expressway in the capital, where a cyclist went flying after hitting one of the newly installed speed breakers, which he failed to see, has left motorist and pedestrian questioning its safety while driving on the 6.2km stretch. The cyclist, according to sources, landed on the roadside, after he hit the speed breaker and lost control.  He was later discharged from Thimphu referral hospital’s emergency department after [... Read More]

Damchu-Chukha bypass inches towards completion

IMG_6391Commander task force, Satish Warrier explains the difficulty to Secretary Sujata Mehta

The 2014-end deadline for the project will spill over at least till June 2015 Road: If not all, at least the formation cutting of the much-awaited Damchu-Chukha bypass road will be completed by end of the current financial year, June 2015. Project DANTAK’s chief engineer, brigadier KC Panchanathan, said that, although no commitments can be made on the exact date of completion, the team is rushing to at least meet cutting from the two sides. After cutting another 950m and 700m of hard rock at [... Read More]

Keeping up with the Tshangkhaps

DSC_3275On a mission: The local government representatives with Dagana Council member

If their neighbour’s come-lately gewog centre road is being blacktopped, why not theirs? Drujeygang: A group of local government leaders from Drujeygang gewog, Dagana, are in the capital to appeal to the works and human settlement ministry to look into why their gewog centre road is not being blacktopped. This was because Tsangkha gewog’s road, which is connected to the highway through their road, is being blacktopped. After finding out that the gewog centre road of Tshangkha was to be blacktopped soon, while there was [... Read More]

A wannabe cooperative that just won’t quit

IMG_20140904_120026Empty: 16 sheds were built in 2011 using gewog budget

Four years since sheds were built, Kangpara’s dairy enterprise is still in the making Milk: Buoyed by the success story of dairy cooperatives in other dzongkhags or gewogs, villagers of Kangpara in Wamrong dungkhag built 16 dairy sheds in 2011 with hopes to start their own. Almost four years later, there are fewer cows in the shed and the cooperative has remained a dream.  Unfavourable soil condition and limited land holdings of the villagers to cultivate fodder for Jersey cross cows had impeded the development. [... Read More]

Most project-tied assistance projects approved

DSC_3242Done deal: Foreign secretary Yeshey Dorji and secretary DPA&ER Sujata Mehta at the signing of the minutes of the meeting yesterday

GoI approved 48 projects during the third round of the development cooperation in talks yesterday Thimphu 11th Plan: The government of India approved 48 projects, under the project tied assistance, during the third round of the development cooperation talks yesterday in Thimphu. The two governments finalised 84 projects under the project tied assistance in the 11th Plan, which was the main focus of the talks. As the first year of the plan has already passed, the two governments agreed to speed up implementation of the [... Read More]

Menchuna builds its own farm road

WP_20140906_002The farm road will hugely benefit the community of Menchuna

Kilkhorthang: Community members of Menchuna, Kilkhorthang gewog in Tsirang are building their own farm road. Villagers said that, without a road, development activities were restricted. To get the road built by the government required certain criteria to be fulfilled, like the community having to be at least three hours walking distance from a road, or the benefit of the road had to reach at least 20 households. Menchuna has 12 households and is about a 10-minute walk from the highway. “We weren’t eligible for government [... Read More]

Making the most out of milk

IMG_20140910_161906Lucrative: Pam villagers turns to livestock

The Pam Dairy Cooperative was one of the first of its kind and remains one of the most successful Enterprise: It is the nearest village to the Trashigang town.  The land is fertile, although not flat, and can grow almost everything.  But Pam village, about five kilometres from Trashigang, town has never specialised in growing or rearing anything until recently. They grew potatoes and were idle most of the summer.  The poorer lot worked in the fields of the wealthier farmers, and making cash income [... Read More]