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Waiting for electricity

Villagers left in the dark while the local BPC office awaits poles to connect them

BPC: Martshala gewog received electricity in 2005, but more than 30 households in the gewog are still without electricity.

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The clay statue maker of Ramtogtok

The artist plans to make statues affordable for every Bhutanese 

Sculpture: Six years ago when Kuenga had accompanied his uncle for a pilgrimage to Kathmandu, Nepal, he had little idea that the trip would make such an impact on his life.

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Where are the White-bellied Heron juveniles?

For the last 13 years, the number of this critically endangered bird has not increased in Berti, Zhemgang 

Conservation: The number of White-bellied Heron (ardea insignis) in Berti, Zhemgang has hasn’t increased for the last 13 years according to villagers and forestry officials at Tingtibi Park Range (TPR).

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The last hat weavers of Laya

There are only two traditional hat weavers in the gewog today 

Tradition: When the village festivals draw near, many women in Laya flock to the village hat weaver, Dodo.

The festivals are times women in the village don new traditional attire including the conical headgear.

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The “Austra-Laya” of Bhutan

… Bhutanese across the country flock to Laya for work given the higher wages Layaps can pay them 

Labour: Many urban Bhutanese are moving abroad to places like Australia looking for greener pastures. But there are those with different skills from remote districts who have found a similar place with lucrative pay for work.

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Layaps go for vegetables

Farming: Located just below the snowline, layaps, (people of Laya) growing or selling vegetables sounds odd. But the newfound wealth is thriving in the gewog situated 3,800 metres above the sea level.

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Raw and thrillingly elemental production indeed

Hamlet: Precariously imminent is a war. Nervous, the sentries and liegemen to the Dane stand guard at the Castle of Elsinore. It is midnight and so bitterly cold that it sickens the heart. Yes, something is utterly rotten in the state of Denmark.

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The tales of Meretsemo’s rubber tree

Folklore: There is a story in Meretsemo that every resident shares to a visitor. It’s about a tree, a tall rubber tree that has for decades triggered the attention of strangers and one, which residents say is significant to their lives.

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Wild boars reap Bumdeling’s paddy harvest

Farmers blame the ban on shifting cultivation for the damage caused by the boars 

HWC: With harvest time nearing, farmers of Bumdeling in Tashiyangtse are worried there may not be much left to harvest as wild pigs continue to destroy the fields.

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