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Highway widening works irks farmers

Works have disrupted irrigation channels and paddy fields in Rongthong

Road: Farmers in Rongthong had begun preparing nurseries for their paddy saplings when the irrigation water started running muddy.

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Wongborang, the disconnected chiwog

Proposals to connect the remote village with a road since 2012 has not yet come through 

Road: About three years ago, when the Mikuri-Tsebar-Durungri feeder road that connected Nganglam dungkhag with Pemagatshel, came through, it benefitted Dungmin gewog’s four chiwogs.

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Samdrupcholing choeten in a dire state

The decades old stupa that resembles Boudhanath needs at least Nu 3M for its renovation

Heritage: On the hill of Thonpu stands a Samdrupcholing choeten, one that becomes visible as you drive along the Tsebar-Mikuri-Durungri feeder road that connects Pemagatshel and Nganglam dungkhag.

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Farmers to host visitors in Gasa

With no hotels and visitors facing lodging problems, farmers have started hosting guests in their homes

Service: Visitors to Gasa dzongkhag would no longer have to worry about finding a place to stay, as villagers of Bemi village would host local visitors at their homes and provide basic lodging facilities.

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Farmers dig the benefits of electric fencing

Agriculture: The denizens of the wild had not much luck this year. The raid they planned to embark on was foiled. Hanging their heads low in defeat, they returned deep into the forest and out to some easy fields where they could invade and plunder until they no more have of farmers’ crops.

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