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Paving the road to recovery

Many are successfully recovering and five of them have chosen to help others achieve success

The road to recovery can be a daunting challenge for many who want to turn over a new leaf. The journey is a constant battle between relapse and staying clean.

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Seven lives, one city

Thimphu, the new film by Chand RC, is a drama following the stories of seven different residents of the eponymous city. The film defies easy description.

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Beating a habit

On a chilly winter evening in January 1989, a healthy baby boy was born to a family in Thimphu. Proud parents hovered over the cradle, with high expectations of their only son in the family.

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The young entrepreneur of remote Gakiling

In the desolate gewog of Gakiling in Haa, Ugyen, a class XII graduate, has not only found a niche for his business but is thriving on it.

Gakiling is in Sangbaykha Dungkhag. Horses were the only mode of transportation and the charges used to be an expensive affair. Now, of course, there is a motor road.

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A lhakhang where both genders are not allowed

Religion: Women are restricted from entering goenkhangs (sanctums) of any sacred lhakhang in the country but in Tharpaling Lhakhang in Chumey, Bumthang, even men are not allowed. Pilgrims to the sacred monastery, which is perched on a slope overlooking the Chumey valley, meet the koenyer (caretaker), Dechen Dorji, 75, outside …

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