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Hitching a ride in Zhemgang

Lack of a frequent public transport system in Zhemgang forces many to depend on lifts

Transport: Sangay Wangmo, 20, and Lemo, 26, were waiting for a vehicle at the dzong and Tingtibi junction in Zhemgang town at around 2pm on December 28. They were sitting in a small shelter built for people waiting for vehicles.

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Gamung’s long wait for water

Water: In a small village called Gamung in upper Shali in Shumar gewog, winter means fetching water from a stream and searching for water sources. The village has been facing an acute water shortage for years. Villagers are frustrated with the water problem especially during the winter seasons. While the …

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An age-old culture in the face of modernity

Review: Kesang P Jigmee’s new release Serga Mathang can resonate with people that are aware of this concept, which literally means ‘golden cousin’ a marriage between cross cousins. In some parts of the country, this age-old tradition is still widely practised.

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Tshorwa – The Inner Call

Review: Revolving around the existence or the non-existence of black magic practitioners in the country and the intermediate state after death known as bardo, a romantic horror movie returns to the silver screen.

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Khotsa’s healing hands

Health: Like people in many rural places, villagers of Domphu in Samdrupjongkhar have someone in their mind whenever they fall sick. It’s not hospital. It’s dungtsho Khotsa.

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Back home to pick buckthorn berries by Tang Chu

Two educated farmers from Tang return home from Austria buoyed and hopeful 
Feature: For some Bhutanese staying in Europe for a short while, nothing can be missed more sorely than the traditional three square rice meals a day. Tshering Wangmo, 29, and Tashi Dorji, 22, from Tang in Bumthang recently flew back home from a two-month stay in Austria salivating at the thought of a heavy rice-and-curry meal.

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