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Dancing to beat drug addiction

Profile: If it weren’t for his passion for dancing, Chado Namgyel would not have been able to kick the problem of addiction. Although most of the people around were not aware of his addiction, the 23-year-old had already started using substances since 2009.

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A deer too dear

Wildlife: If you call out zhomo in any village in Trashiyangtse, a girl or a woman will respond, as the term means sister in the local language. But in an enclosure above the Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary (BWS), a sambar deer will greet you when you call out for zhomo.

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A negotiation for life in Chamgang

The perennial battle between herders and a yak saving association rages on

Yaks: With 28 yaks tethered on pine trees in a forest above Chamgang, a negotiation for life and money ensued between herders of Dagala and the Animal Life-Saving Association of Thimphu.

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Thimphu Tshechu – Day 2

A light rain did not deter thousands from attending the second day of the Thimphu tshechu at the Tendrelthang in Tashichhodzong yesterday. The story of Pholey Moley, Kelcham, Zhana nga cham, Dremetse nga cham and Shawa shakhi were performed. The Durda cham, Tum ngam, Raksha cham and Raksha nga cham will be performed today.

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The masked dance from Dolung Goempa

The Dolungpai Raksha champon perform the dance

Tshechu: Believed to have been introduced by the second Je Khenpo Khenchen Sonam Yoezer during the 17th century, the Dolungpai Raksha is one of the most unique chams of the Wangdue tsechu.

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‘My Green School’ sees Vietnamese incarnation

Review: An unassuming book from Bhutan is stimulating the grey matter among an increasing number of educationists far beyond this little-known country. Three years after it was published, ‘My Green School: An Outline’ has quietly seen three incarnations – Spanish, Catalan, and now Vietnamese.

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And, thus with a kiss, dies love

Review: Précis: Village thugs run, and they run, breathless and slobbering, imprecations at times incomprehensible, flying wild. And they run, down steep and narrow trails and a couple of tight village gullies, bludgeons in the air, shouting senseless battle cries.

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