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‘My Green School’ sees Vietnamese incarnation

Review: An unassuming book from Bhutan is stimulating the grey matter among an increasing number of educationists far beyond this little-known country. Three years after it was published, ‘My Green School: An Outline’ has quietly seen three incarnations – Spanish, Catalan, and now Vietnamese.

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And, thus with a kiss, dies love

Review: Précis: Village thugs run, and they run, breathless and slobbering, imprecations at times incomprehensible, flying wild. And they run, down steep and narrow trails and a couple of tight village gullies, bludgeons in the air, shouting senseless battle cries.

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Surviving on thingye

A spice that was once bartered now brings in cash

Agriculture: Whether it is a bowl of fried garlic, emadatshi, ezay or any other dish, the distinctive sting of Sichuan pepper or thingye can be tasted in every meal cooked in the small village of Tshelingkhor.

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Beating the habit

By 13, Bhup Dhoj Ghalley was experimenting with drugs. For the next two decades of his life he became embroiled in a life of drugs, crime and prison.

Profile: He lost his the trust of his parents and the company of his “good” friends. His wife and daughter left him. Everything was falling apart for Bhup Dhoj Ghalley.

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