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Panbang-Nganglam highway deadline deferred again

IMG_5077The usual suspects: Monsoon, terrain, labour and equipment are to blame for the delay

DoR: The deadline for the Panbang-Nganglam highway has been furthered delayed by eight months, according to site officials. Construction of the 55.6km highway from Panbang in Zhemgang to Nganglam in Pemagatshel, which began in June 2012, will now be completed by August 19, next year instead of December this year. Only about 300m of final formation cutting has been left.   The highway that starts from Panbang bazaar will pass through Norbugang gewog under Nganglam dungkhag and end at Nganglam town. Project manager Karma Tshewang [... Read More]

Prayers of longevity

IMG_0914Yonphula rinpoche performing Tse-Drup Chime- Sogthig drupchen Photo by Ugyen Wangdi, Kuensel

Religion: The Ugyen Donga Chokholing monastery in Yonphula, Trashigang is performing a week long grand longevity ceremony (Tse-Drup Chime- Sogthig) since October 1 dedicated to His Majesty the Fourth King. Led by Yonphula rinpoche, Jigme Tenzin, more than hundred tsampas (meditation practitioners) and gomchens are performing Tse-Drup Chime- Sogthig, which is believed to have discovered by the treasure discoverer, Zilnon Namkha Dorji from Singye dzong in Lhuntse in 1904. The Tse-Drup-Chimi-Sogthig, which contains religious scripture has means to prolong life that was originated from Sangay [... Read More]

There is such a thing as a free lunch

FP-1Healthy and free: Khaling LSS student queue for lunch

Khaling LSS’s once-a-week feeding program has huge impact Education: It is Wednesday and 15-year old Tenzin Dorji of Khaling lower secondary school (KLSS) eagerly waits for the lunch break.  Today, his school provides free and healthy lunch to students like him, who come from underprivileged families. On Wednesdays, Tenzin need not worry about friends picking on him for his chili curry.  Neither has he to wake up early to pack lunch. “I stay with my sister, who frequently drinks alcohol, and I end up cooking [... Read More]

Korean film festival offers quality viewing

DSC_7632-copyLaunch: Dasho Kinley Dorji addressing the opening of the Korean film festival

Not too many eyeballs at the screening was no reflection of the artistic output on offer Event: Despite the Korean wave that has hit Bhutanese youth like a tsunami in recent years, the 4th Korean film festival did not catch much of their attention. The 4th film festival began yesterday with a free screening of two Korean feature films at the city cinema hall in the capital. Screened were the popular Korean movies, The Face Reader and Take Off. Only a handful of young students [... Read More]

Amaravati, a sacred Buddhist site in Andra Pradesh

20140914_104251Ruins of Amaravati stupa

If Buddhist sacred sites like Lumbini, Buddhgaya and Banaras play an important role in the history of Buddhism, thelesser explored Amaravati (known as Pelden Drepung) in Andhra Pradesh state is no exception. Besides Indian Buddhism, the place too has lots of importance in Tibetan Buddhism. It is believed to hold a special significance as it is believed to be the place where Buddha gave the First Kalachakra (duekhor ) initiation sermon to his disciples. “Lord Buddha in his later stage of life, propagated the teaching [... Read More]

The challenges of a heifer centre at Wangkha

hiferHeifer cows at the rearing center in Wangkha, Chukha

To wit, inter alia, short supply of jersey calves, ad hoc orders and staff shortage Cattle: The supply of heifer from the country’s only heifer rearing centre (HRC) near Wangkha, Chukha has been affected, with the centre facing a number of challenges. Officials from the centre said, declining supply of jersey calves from unwilling farmers, ad hoc orders for heifers, and restricted numbers of attendants were some of the major challenges.  A Heifer is a cow that has not borne a calf yet. HRC’s manager, [... Read More]

No sign of buyers for seu shamu

unnamed-3Seu shamu fetched between Nu 3,000 to 4,500 per 100-120g last year

The usual throngs of middlemen from Paro and Haa are conspicuous by their absence Mushroom: After spending days even weeks in the forest collecting seu shamu (exidia), collectors in Bumthang are worried that they may not fetch a good price this year for their newfound source of cash income. Collectors have seen only a lone buyer, a middleman, in the dzongkhag so far, although it is the season for selling the mushroom. Since its discovery in 2007, seu shamu became a lucrative source of cash [... Read More]

The Lumang women livestock feed cooperative

An entrepreneurial initiative from one of the least developed gewogs in Trashigang Business: About two years ago, when most farmers were either opting for dairy or poultry farming, members of Lumang women livestock feed cooperative (LWLFC) decided to venture into this alternative business. Members said maize growing farmers don’t enjoy bountiful harvests with wild animals rummaging their crops.  Amid such issues, women farmers of Lumang gewog decided to make the most of whatever harvest they were left with. “We lose most of our maize to [... Read More]

Thimphu tshechu begins

IMG_0523Getting ready: Shop owners set up temporary stalls on Norzin lam last night

Festival: Thimphu city is bustling with life since yesterday evening as the three-day tshechu holiday kicks off today. Besides the sacred mask dances at Tendrelthang, Norzin lam will be a place to take a stroll as the city’s main thoroughfare will be closed for traffic and food stalls and shops getting rid of their old stock will replace vehicles for three days. At the usually quite craft bazar, one can shop for handicrafts or enjoy a few ball, arrow or dice games that come with [... Read More]

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