Monday , February 20 2017
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Sharlingkhar ruins: People’s wish to save it

The ruins of the dzong

History: More than a century ago, they say, there was a great dzong called Sharlingkhar in Shumar, Pemagatshel. From this great fortress ruled Dzongpon Kolokpo. But then, as they also say the rest is history, one can today see only the ruins of the great dzong of Sharlingkhar. We can only imagine its magnificence and strategic significance.

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The lonely yogi of Gechu

Srimati Rai

Our reporter Nirmala Pokhrel meets the mysterious ascetic of Gechu and learns about her curious, lonely and regimental ways of living 

Profile: Meet Srimati Rai, 65. She has been alone for good part of her life. She doesn’t know what it means to have a companion in life.

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