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The vanishing chhuthags of Bumthang

With a decline in cultivation of flour-producing grains, usage of the traditional watermills has dropped

Tradition: The traditional watermills (chhuthag) that were once found in abundance in Bumthang are on the verge of vanishing today.

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Rearing sheep declines in Bumthang

Tradition: Bumthang was once famed for woollen products. That was when the people in the dzongkhag reared sheep in large numbers. Today, though, only a few households in Chokhor and Chumey and a few other villages like Zhurey, Bhim, Chungphel and Dhur own sheep.

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The yathra weavers of Chumey

Women prefer weaving yathra in groups so that they can converse and sing together

Culture: If the women in Khoma, Lhuentse are known for weaving kishuthara, women in Chumey, Bumthang are known for weaving yathra. Women here keep weaving yathra throughout the year, as it is their main source of cash income.

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A modern dance revolution

Culture: A dance revolution that took the world by surprise has found its way into Bhutan. It was only a matter of time that free style dancing including street dancing, hip-hop and b-boying (breakdancing) got to Bhutanese youth.

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Turning dark into light

Profile: Lemo, 42, lives in a single-storey house below the road to Enducholing Dzong, located a few meters above the Trongsa-Zhemgang highway in Langthel, Trongsa.

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