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Gulab Jamun

Mix together water, sugar, and crushed cardamoms. Boil the syrup until it turns slightly sticky. Add rose water and mix. Set aside to keep it hot.

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Professionalising tour guides

Bhutan has come a long way since it opened up its doors to tourism in 1974. Untill 1998, the sector fuctioned under the government. Tour operator and guides were government employees. Today, the tourism industry has become the second largest revenue contributor in the country.

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Addressing joint pain

It is difficult to pin exactly what specific injury you are experiencing, but I am confident I can help you. Mostly, shoulder pains are caused by over working the shoulder joint and surrounding muscle. Most people, men in particular, love over working the chest and shoulder muscle, which create a lot of stress to the shoulder joint, it's connective tissue, rotator cuff muscle, and anterior deltoids.

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Bhutan and the Buddhist Himalayan world has a rich tradition of life writing in the form of histories, biographies, travelogues, memoirs, catalogues, narratives and other types of life accounts. Among them, the genre of biography is the most well known form of life writing. Bhutanese hierarchs, who were capable of writing, took great interest in writing accounts of their lives or the lives of their masters.

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Mutton Roganjosh

In a bowl, add whole masala powder (corn flour, turmeric powder, Kasmiri chili powder, black cardamom, cinnamon stick) water and mix it well

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Adopt a Cat!

Yes, I am a cat again, but I was not in the basket last week! By the way, did you get the right number of cats? I was a little sad I did not get to show my face and my tail and all the rest of me and get the opportunity to meet with a nice family (and be in the newspaper!).

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