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Stop leaning on the chair

I am very sensitive and get easily hurt by other’s comments, and this makes me avoid people and so I feel lonely. I know it is my fault, but I don’t know what to do. TP, Thimphu

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The Middle Way

The concept of the Middle Way, which is known as Madhyamāpratipad in Sanskrit and Umai Lam (དབུ་མའི་ལམ་) in Choekey, is a hallmark of the Buddhist spiritual tradition.

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Supporting healthcare for patients with kidney problem

Tashi Namgay was 21 when he first realised his eyesight was becoming poor and he fell sick. He was not sure why. He decided to check his eyes from an optical in Thimphu town and found that none of the power glasses was fit for his eyes. He was advised to visit hospital. It was then found out that he was suffering from chronic kidney failure (CKD).

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Building a toilet culture

It is now a common sight to see a group of young people with masked faces and gloved hands cleaning toilets in most of the public events in the country. They are the volunteers of Bhutan Toilet Organisation (BTO).

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Building you body

How many times should I workout a week and for how long? I hear so many different answers an am unable to decide. I want to build a physique like yours and make my country proud.

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