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Building a toilet culture

It is now a common sight to see a group of young people with masked faces and gloved hands cleaning toilets in most of the public events in the country. They are the volunteers of Bhutan Toilet Organisation (BTO).

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Building you body

How many times should I workout a week and for how long? I hear so many different answers an am unable to decide. I want to build a physique like yours and make my country proud.

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Konchosum – The Three Jewels

Konchosum (དཀོན་མཆོག་གསུམ་) or the Three Jewels is perhaps the most basic and well known list in Buddhism. Almost every Bhutanese know about it even as a child and continue to believe in and pray to the Three Jewels throughout their life.

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A CSO dreams a clean Bhutan

Clean Bhutan was established on February 6, 2014. There was a need to advocate and sensitise Bhutanese citizens on managing waste and behavioural habits.

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