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Choco chip cookies

Method: Cream together the butter, brown sugar until smooth. Beat in the eggs one at a time, then stir in the vanilla.

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Just do your very best in every situation without expectations

Youth in focus: After my parents divorced, my life fell apart. I’m not blaming my step-mother as I’m sure she thought that she was doing the right thing to protect her own children, but I was left out and felt crushed. I started roaming around. I used drugs, drunk heavily and slept all morning. Finally, I got fed up of my life and managed to get some training. Since then, I have done my best to work hard. However, my family refuses to forget my past. Even though I have job and contribute to the family, they call me a waster and look down on me because I did not get higher education. I am really sad. What can I do? Sad boy, Thimphu

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Workouts for improving Basketball skills

Health and fitness: Hi sir,
Can weight training help improve my basketball game? If yes, how  would you recommend me to go about?  If no, what else can I do besides just practicing basketball? 

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Adopt a Dog!

Kuzuzangpo La, my name is RTC!
If you read this column regularly, you know where I come from: The Royal Thimphu College.

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There are only three destinations for an addict: jail, cremation ground or rehab

Youth in focus: My son has been sleeping late, has mood swings and sometimes acts strangely. This has been happening for over two years. Also, I notice money is going missing from our house. I’m sure that he is using drugs, but he denies it. How can I be sure and, if he is into drugs, what is the next step? I really want to help him.
Worried parent, Thimphu

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