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The truth of the cessation of suffering

Why we do what we do: The third noble truth, the truth of cessation of suffering (སྡུག་བསྔལ་འགོག་པའི་བདེན་པ་), offers the solution to problems in the Buddha’s four-fold strategy of problem solving.

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Entrepreneurship culture growing

Main story: Sitting inside one of the cubicles at the IT Park in Thimphu, with his laptop on and engrossed deep in his work, is Jigme Tenzin. Along with his partners, the 28 year-old have recently launched an online retail estate service (housing.bt).

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After having children, we have a shared future

Youth in focus: Hi Lama. Here’s my problem: My husband is using drugs and drinks on a daily basis. He is not abusive, but he doesn’t contribute anything to the family, but instead uses the money I earn. He is also in debt. This has been going on for many years, and I am really fed up of him. As a result, I’m planning to go overseas for work and will leave my two children (six and eight years-old) with my sister and send money home for their food and clothes.  I’d like to get lam’s opinion. SL, Thimphu

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When poetry stems from the heart

Main story: We may never be the same again after reading a poem that speaks to our soul. Poetry has the power to start a fire in a person’s heart – it can change the way we see others, the world and ourselves.

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The Truth of the Cause of Suffering

Why we do what we do: Having recognised the problem or suffering of the world through understanding the first noble truth of suffering (སྡུག་བསྔལ་འཕགས་པའི་བདེན་པ་), the next step in the Buddha’s strategy of problem solving is to trace the second noble truth of causes and agents of suffering (ཀུན་འབྱུང་འཕགས་པའི་བདེན་པ་).

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Protect yourself, but don’t lose compassion

Youth in Focus: Lama, I need help. I’m a mother of two kids of 8 and 9 years old. My husband has always been a heavy drinker, but in general he has been a good husband and father. However, things started to change about eight or nine months ago and since then he has been coming home drunk almost every night. He shouts and screams at me and my children are traumatised. I’m also afraid that he will lose his job as he is often late and even misses days. What should I do? -SW, Paro

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