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Risotto Ai Fungi

RECIPE: Method: Heat olive oil in heavy bottom pan, sweat onions and add risotto rice. Stir for few seconds and deglaze with white wine Add sliced mushrooms, stir for one minute and add stock as needed. Add salt and pepper to taste Traditionally risotto is been cooked al dente ( to the tooth ) but you can cook as per your taste Add butter and cream and stir well. Finish with grated parmesan cheese. Serve hot.

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Do your best without comparing yourself to others and without fear or failure

YOUTH IN FOCUS: I graduated from class 12 last year but my result was not up to mark, and I let down many people. As there is little chance that I might get enrolled in colleges, my parents want me to repeat class 12. I have a second chance, but I am scared to take this step because I will have to do my best, and I wonder whether I have ever done that. I am scared that my marks won’t improve and I will again let down my parents after all the trouble they have taken.  I don’t want to take this opportunity with a tentative heart but want to feel confident about the step. I would be very grateful if lama could give me some advice. TW, Thimphu

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Spring’s come and, with it, feast of fashion

MAIN STORY: Spring is here. One can notice the beginning of this beautiful season as trees, which were once barren and drab, are now enveloped with a layer of hopeful green. And with spring come other changes, particularly in the fashion industry.

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Gho – a truly Bhutanese statement

kidp SIDE: While the rest of the world is seeing a revolution when it comes to fashion, the traditional dress for Bhutanese men, gho, has somehow remained at a standstill with hardly any changes over the years.

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Knowing your workout progress

HEALTH AND FITNESS: Dear Sir, I have been training for six months. My goal, as most people, is to build muscle and lose fat.  I am unable to tell for sure, whether I am progressing or not. How do I know whether I am progressing?  Tshewang Dorji  20 years old 

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Nangpa and Intention

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO: Buddhists in Bhutan and the Himalayas normally call themselves Nangpa (ནང་པ་) or insiders. They trace the origin of their existence to the mind and find the meaning of life in the inner state of the mind.

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Readying for school: Hard choice for parents

MAIN STORY: It is that time of the year, again, when children return to their schools and academic sessions begin in a full swing. The smell of new uniform, school bags and shoes hang in the air as students prepare to get back to school. Stationary shops are packed with students and parents preparing for the year ahead. One can feel the excitement in the air when a student is about to enroll in a new school.

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Tom Yum Prawn

tow RECIPE:   Method: In a bowl mix the tom yum and roasted chilli paste with fish sauce, broth powder and lemon juice Put the stock in a sauce pan; allow it to boil with the rest of the ingredients After boiling for few minutes lower the heat and add the tom yum and chilli paste. Increase the heat and allow the stock to boil till the prawns are cooked

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The mind is not a vessel that needs filling but wood that needs igniting

YOUTH IN FOCUS: I am looking for a private school for my son. As his grades have not been great and also as he has had some discipline issues in the past, my husband wants to put him in a school with a good academic record, but I think that is not the only criteria for choosing a school. What does lama think?   Deki, Thimphu

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