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Glimpses of life in a central school

COVER STORY: It’s 5:15 am. Wangbama Central School in Genekha, Thimphu is under a thick shroud of fog. And it is raining. But the students are already up and readying for the day.

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Achieving right muscle proportion

HEALTH AND FITNESS: Hi, I have been training hard for the last six months and have noticed some transformation. What bothers me, however, is that my arms have grown disproportionately. Even though I am right handed, my left arm is bigger by an inch. Feels like I am doing something wrong. Another issue is with my lower back. I am not able to do much lifting. I am about 6'3". Could my height be the reason? Tshewang Dorji

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Dzepa Chunyi: The Twelve Acts of the Buddha

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO: As one of the most widespread and inspiring stories, the life of the Buddha is told in many biographies, histories, prayers and poems. The eighty years of Buddha Śākyamuni’s life and works are told in numerous versions and languages.

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Celebrating the year by reading

COVER STORY: It is raining. Genekha Lower Secondary School (GLSS) in Thimphu looks like fortress. The road that leads to the school is rough. The school is located about 40 minutes drive away from Thimphu proper. It is a small community, Genekha, and the school has only 246 students. But all these students are hard-core readers and they are busy celebrating the National Reading Year that His Majesty The King launched last year at Tendrel Thang.

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Transform rather than giving up

YOUTH IN FOCUS: My job is driving me crazy. After graduation, I followed my friends’ and family’s advice and took a job in an office. I thought I would enjoy it, but actually I find it really boring. I want to quit, but I’m afraid that I won’t find another job. - Rinzin, Thimphu

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Jobs may be available, but pay must be good

COVER STORY: It is hot in Thimphu, the peak of summer. The sky is clear and the sun is burning. Despite the heat, however, a group of young people was seen singing an age-old ‘Om Sagla Mani’ as they pound the stretch of mud wall in an almost intoxicating rhythm.

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How to address hypertension with healthy routine

HEALTH AND FITNESS: Health and fitness: I am Kaka. I am 47 and I have hypertension. I have been on medication for last six years. I weigh 85 kilograms. I am very much interested to join health/gym club to control my body weight and hypertension. I need right person to guide me through and advise me at every step. Kaka Thimphu.

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Drugpa Tshezhi and the Buddha’s First Sermon

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO: Drugpa Tshezhi (འབྲུག་པ་ཚེས་བཞི་) or the 4th day of the 6th month is one of the holiest days in the Buddhist calendar. It is the day on which the Buddha delivered his first sermon or, to use the Buddhist idiom, turned the first wheel of dharma. Thus, the day is also known as Chokhor Duechen (ཆོས་འཁོར་དུས་ཆེན་).

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