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Nangpa and Intention

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO: Buddhists in Bhutan and the Himalayas normally call themselves Nangpa (ནང་པ་) or insiders. They trace the origin of their existence to the mind and find the meaning of life in the inner state of the mind.

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Readying for school: Hard choice for parents

MAIN STORY: It is that time of the year, again, when children return to their schools and academic sessions begin in a full swing. The smell of new uniform, school bags and shoes hang in the air as students prepare to get back to school. Stationary shops are packed with students and parents preparing for the year ahead. One can feel the excitement in the air when a student is about to enroll in a new school.

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Tom Yum Prawn

tow RECIPE:   Method: In a bowl mix the tom yum and roasted chilli paste with fish sauce, broth powder and lemon juice Put the stock in a sauce pan; allow it to boil with the rest of the ingredients After boiling for few minutes lower the heat and add the tom yum and chilli paste. Increase the heat and allow the stock to boil till the prawns are cooked

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The mind is not a vessel that needs filling but wood that needs igniting

YOUTH IN FOCUS: I am looking for a private school for my son. As his grades have not been great and also as he has had some discipline issues in the past, my husband wants to put him in a school with a good academic record, but I think that is not the only criteria for choosing a school. What does lama think?   Deki, Thimphu

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Simple ways to keep yourself fit and healthy

HEALTH AND FITNESS: Hi Tshering,  I'm a mother of three. Now that my children have grown up, I've free time to indulge in some fitness regime. Although my daily household chores keep me busy, I was wondering what the perfect simple exercises that I could do at home. Please advise. Tshering, 40, Thimphu

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Chothrul Dawa The month of miracles

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO: The first month of the Bhutanese calendar is called Chothrul Dawa, literally the month of miracles. It is believed to be the month when Buddha performed many miracles.

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Top favourites of 2015

MAIN STORY: January 10, 2015 engjanuary10 Sleazy side of this booming town – Phuentsholing The story narrates how Phuentsholing caters to different group of people within and outside the border. Phuentsholing is becoming a popular place for locals and tourists for each reasons – some nice ones but others entirely different. The reporter explores the place and talks about how the place has its own charm and downfalls at the same time.

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Som Tum

(Thai Raw Papaya salad) RECIPEsom Serves: Two Method: In a mortar, pound garlic, peanut, long beans and tomatoes Mix fish sauce, lemon juice, jaggery and chilli with above ingredients Add shredded papaya and pound for another 5 to 10 times Serve with crushed peanut as garnish

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Don’t be fanatical, but respect sacred images

YOUTH IN FOCUS: I have a strange question.  A friend bought me a wooden Buddha statue from Thailand. It hasn’t been consecrated, and so I kept it on my dining table as a kind of decoration. When my mother-in-law saw it she became angry and said that religious images should be placed in a high place that is clean. She told my husband to move it. I was not happy at her interference, but that is a different matter. My question relates to images and symbols.  Ultimately, aren’t they just drawings or pieces of metal or wood? Why are they so important?   Pema, Thimphu

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