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To reflect on the purpose of life

YOUTH IN FOCUS: My parents are fighting with my aunts and uncles over my late-grandparent’s land. I used to be really close with my cousins, but now I feel shy to talk with them. Even my parents are stressed out by the whole matter and are always talking about court cases and they seem angry all the time. Nobody really cared about the land before, but as it is near a proposed development the value has increased. I feel the happiness has gone from our home.  I don’t know what my question is, but I just feel like sharing this with someone. Sad, Thimphu

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How to use these equipment

HEALTH AND FITNESS: Stationary bike Objective: To strengthen the lower body and a very good cardiovascular exercise. How to use: Exactly like riding a bike, sit and pedal away while holding on.

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Pet craze, a growing culture

MAIN STORY: What is it about our furry friends that capture our heart at the mere sight of them? What is it about their button-like nose and cotton candy fur that draws us? The thing is, the answers could be anything starting from the comfort, protection, companion, a friend to play with, and to confide one’s darkest and deepest secrets.

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The changing face of Laya

MAIN STORY: If you are trekking up to Laya, pray that you don’t have to buy any groceries, especially salt. In Laya, a bottle of Chinese beer or a chunk of dairy product comes far cheaper than a kilogram of salt. For an outsider, the price of this essential item could go up to Nu 100.

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Infuse your work space with energy, compassion and awareness

YOUTH IN FOCUS: I am 29 years old man, I am really confused of my existence, I have struggled a lot to find a job and after two years of tiresome chase, I finally landed in a job but couldn't be there so long because I never felt I was meant to be where I was. Than later I started a business (precisely a shop), and I was very happy and felt motivated but now it seems it was all an illusion because my business is moving very slow and I couldn't even afford rent from it. I am really frustrated and out of mind, I don't have any clue what I do next. Please advise me how to be positive and keep moving forward. Devastated

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