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Addressing joint pain

I am have a very sharp pain on my left shoulder while doing exercise like bench press, incline press and push ups, it hurts with dumbbell exercise for chest too. It is making me depressed as the pain is getting worse. Your advice will be highly appreciated.

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Chagchen – The Great Seal

Chagya Chenpo (ཕྱག་རྒྱ་ཆེན་པོ་) or Mahāmudrā, which literally translates as Great Seal, refers to a range of things including the topic of a very important and advanced meditation tradition well known in Bhutan.

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Bringing women to the fore

Pema Wangmo never imagined that she would one day become a gup of Dagana. This is because she was not confident. But things changed for Pema Wangmo when she attended a training conducted by the Bhutan Network for Empowering Women (BNEW).

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Trio of Panna Cotta

Soak the agar-agar in the milk in a bowl and set aside In a heavy-bottom saucepan, add cream and sugar and bring to boil Add the milk with agar-agar to the mixture and stir it well.

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Stop leaning on the chair

I am very sensitive and get easily hurt by other’s comments, and this makes me avoid people and so I feel lonely. I know it is my fault, but I don’t know what to do. TP, Thimphu

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The Middle Way

The concept of the Middle Way, which is known as Madhyamāpratipad in Sanskrit and Umai Lam (དབུ་མའི་ལམ་) in Choekey, is a hallmark of the Buddhist spiritual tradition.

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