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Our New Years and Chunyipai Tshetheg

Why we do what we do: Due to its cultural diversity engendered by geographic isolation, Bhutan has many different losar (ལོ་གསར་) or New Year celebrations. The celebrations mostly mark seasonal change and cycle of agricultural life.

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Camp RUF

Main story: It’s vacation. Fifty-four students from Thimphu and Paro are gearing up to meet fifty-four students from Wangdue at the Camp Rural-Urban Friendship (RUF) this winter. The week-long camp is being held at Samtegang in Wangdue. It began from December 22. Bringing together students from rural and urban places into ...

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Chicken biryani

RECIPE: For Rice 1 cup rice, rinsed under cold running water until water runs clear, 1 table spoon (tsp) salt, 2 tbsp milk, half tsp saffron

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Be curious about life

YOUTH IN FOCUS: I graduated from college two years ago. I cannot find a job and I am feeling depressed and worthless. I sleep until noon and my family looks down on me and barely speaks to me. What can I do? Unemployed, Thimphu 

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Online portals bringing foodies together

Main story: Eating out in Thimphu can be a daunting task. Images of patronising waiters and the fear of fumbling through a menu is enough to give unaccustomed the cold feet. Not to make one feel intimated and to help one enjoy a meal to the fullest, two new websites catering to food and restaurants are now available online.

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Tangnyom – Equanimity

Why we do what we do:The fourth and last immeasurable thought is tangnyom (བཏང་སྙོམས་) or equanimity. It is an attitude or thought to treat everyone without partiality and discrimination and a wish to free all sentient beings from attachment, hatred (ཆགས་སྡང་) and all other forms of bias and prejudice.

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Diet for a baby’s healthy growth

Health and fitness: Hi, I am a mother of a two-year-old. I am concerned about his nutrition. His Pediatrician said he is under weight for his age. Could you please give me some simple advice to follow and ensure he is provided with all the right food to grow healthily?  Thank you  Dechen Pem 

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K-Beauty’s popularity in the country

Main story: If you have never heard, let alone used, a Korean cosmetic product made from snail’s slime or bee-venom or bird droppings and mud, then you may be seriously missing out on the latest beauty trend that’s sweeping the globe.

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You need to show respect in order to gain it

Youth in focus: I used drugs for many years and during my addiction time I did many crazy and wild things. Later, I went to rehab in Siliguri, where I learned many important life-skills. I returned to Bhutan confident to start a new life, but unfortunately my family is not ready to accept me. They always bring up my past and often speak harshly with me. I feel demotivated and hurt by their rejection.  How can I face this situation positively? 

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