Tuesday , February 21 2017
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The majestic birds are home again

Main story: The picturesque valley of Phobjikha in Wangdue is a wide alpine valley. It is considered one of the largest and the most significant wetlands in the country. At 3,000 metres above the sea level, it is the roosting ground for the endangered black-necked cranes.

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FabLab comes to Bhutan

Main story: In an era where developed countries are witnessing a leap in technological advancement, Bhutan won’t be left far behind. With state-of-the-art technology to design and create products, the first ‘FabLab’ will be established in Thimphu next summer.

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Losing fat

Health and fitness: Hi Tshering, I am desperate to lose some baby fats around my belly, thigh and arm area. Some people suggest that I eat rice just once a day or eat curry instead. Will that work? I always end up eating noodles or white bread or drink tea when I start skipping rice. I know it is not right. Lately, I have been feeling tired easily.  Karma, 26, Thimphu

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Srungkue: The Blessed Protection Cord

Why we do what we do: Bhutan has an old culture of wearing Srungkue (སྲུང་སྐུད་) or protection cords. They are also known as Srungdue (སྲུང་མདུད་) or protection knots. The blessed protection cords are believed to have been invested with spiritual power and said to help protect the person who wears it from problems and misfortunes.

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Efforts to conserve the dying tradition

Main story: It wasn’t long ago when people visiting the memorial choeten or the weekend vegetable market in Thimphu could see men dressed in a red gho with red kabney, singing spiritual songs of devotion and realisation to the listeners accompanying the miniature stupas called Tashi Gomang.

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If you cannot afford it, go without

Youth in focus: I’m in a lot of debt. I wanted the latest cell phone, new clothes and to have fun and so I took advances on my salary and borrowed money from friends. My boss will deduct the advance from my salary but it will take a long time to repay the advance. My friends are calling me all the time, but I don’t respond to their calls. I feel depressed and hopeless. How can I handle this situation? In debt, Thimphu

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Rising star of Bhutan

Main story: In a fledgling music industry where singers and musicians can hardly make music as a career, Kezang Dorji has achieved something no other singer has ever dreamt of before.

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Putting on weight

Health and fitness: Dear Sir, I am eating a lot because I want to gain some weight. Could you please tell me how to gain more weight?  Gyamtsho 

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