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Learning happens beyond classrooms

MAIN STORY: At the Swimming Pool Complex in Thimphu, a group of children between the ages of six and 15 are practising for the upcoming inter-school taekwondo competition that will be held this month.

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Shun blame and self-pity mentality

YOUTH IN FOCUS: I have lots of problems. In particular, my step-mother has been against me since I was a child and I feel hopeless, and so I drink and even use drugs to block out the sadness. I’m not hurting anyone else and the habit helps me feel calm. Somehow, though, I feel it is not a good response. Could lama advise me? -Hopeless College Student, Bangalore

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Driglam Namzha: Bhutan’s code of etiquette

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO: Driglam namzha is often described as Bhutan’s code of etiquette. Drig (སྒྲིག་) denotes order, norm and conformity. Thus, driglam literally means the way (ལམ་) of having order and conformity while namzha (རྣམ་བཞག་) refers to a concept or system. Driglam namzha is thus a system of orderly and cultured behaviour, and by extension, the standards and rules to this effect.

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Wisdom removes prejudices

YOUTH IN FOCUS: My brother is a transgender, but I am a devoted Buddhist and so I don’t feel comfortable with these things. Is it a sin to act like this or to be gay? How should I treat my brother? - Confused, Thimphu

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Glimpses of life in a central school

COVER STORY: It’s 5:15 am. Wangbama Central School in Genekha, Thimphu is under a thick shroud of fog. And it is raining. But the students are already up and readying for the day.

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Achieving right muscle proportion

HEALTH AND FITNESS: Hi, I have been training hard for the last six months and have noticed some transformation. What bothers me, however, is that my arms have grown disproportionately. Even though I am right handed, my left arm is bigger by an inch. Feels like I am doing something wrong. Another issue is with my lower back. I am not able to do much lifting. I am about 6'3". Could my height be the reason? Tshewang Dorji

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Dzepa Chunyi: The Twelve Acts of the Buddha

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO: As one of the most widespread and inspiring stories, the life of the Buddha is told in many biographies, histories, prayers and poems. The eighty years of Buddha Śākyamuni’s life and works are told in numerous versions and languages.

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Celebrating the year by reading

COVER STORY: It is raining. Genekha Lower Secondary School (GLSS) in Thimphu looks like fortress. The road that leads to the school is rough. The school is located about 40 minutes drive away from Thimphu proper. It is a small community, Genekha, and the school has only 246 students. But all these students are hard-core readers and they are busy celebrating the National Reading Year that His Majesty The King launched last year at Tendrel Thang.

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