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Organic elements

In the basement of a building in Changzamtog, six men in green lab coats are engrossed in their works. They are working for Happy Chips, the first locally-produced chips in the country.

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Guru Tshengye: The Eight Characters of the Precious Teacher

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO: The life of Guru Rinpoche is told in over two dozen books, the most famous of which are the kathang biographies. According to these books, he is said to have lived a life full of miracles which spanned over many centuries. In Bhutan, his long and colourful life and works are often remembered through the eight chapters of his mission in India and the Himalayas. During these chapters, he assumed different identities and used eight different names (མཚན་བརྒྱད་).

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The good side of entertainment hubs called Drayangs

COVER STORY: Streetlights throw soft and flimsy glow of sad yellow in the rain. Cars splash the flooded sewerage running through the thoroughfare’s main arterial route. Kids holler away almost with glee. Bitter curses fly from angry pedestrians. Girls with lavish bare skins and gayish boys with pants halfway down their sincerely ungainly rumps and strange bed heads choke the road. This is a mid-summer night in Thimphu.

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Guru Rinpoche and Trelda Tshechu

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO: Like the Preu Chod festival, the Trelda Tshechu (སྤྲེལ་ཟླ་ཚེས་བཅུ་) or 10th day of Monkey month is also celebrated as the anniversary of Guru Rinpoche, the foremost spiritual master and divinity who can be considered the patron saint of Bhutan. Trelda, according to the common Bhutanese and Tibetan calendars, is the fifth Bhutanese month although some calendar systems consider the 3rd, 4th or 6th Bhutanese months as Monkey month.

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Controlling hypertension

HEALTH AND FITNESS: I have high blood pressure. What type of exercise do you suggest to control it? -Pema Dorji There is no particular type of exercise to tackle high blood pressure, any form of physical movement is beneficial. There can be many factors that may cause or increase chances of hypertension (high blood pressure).

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Flowers on the windowsill – a dangerous passion

COVER STORY: It’s a bright Sunday of mid-June.  Shoppers and a group of youngsters are strolling along Norzin Lam, Thimphu.  Some hurry down the street, while others leisurely stop and engage in animated talk.  A burst of laughter follows after a few moments.

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For the love of flowers

HORTICULTURE: It is high summer and Gaa-Yuel Gardens in Semtokha, Thimphu, is full of colourful flowers.  It simply is beautiful, almost otherworldly.

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Praise to Mañjuśrī: A Translation

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO: One of the most popular prayers in Bhutan is the praise to Mañjuśrī called Praise to the Noble Qualities of the Excellent Pristine Wisdom (དཔལ་ཡེ་ཤེས་ཡོན་ཏན་བཟང་པོའི་བསྟོད་པ།). The composition is attributed to one Vajrayudha but also claimed to have been composed by 500 paṇḍitas. According to a popular story, 500 paṇḍitas in India were asked to write a praise to Mañjuśrī on their own but when they submitted their writings, they are said to have uniformly produced this praise through the blessings of Mañjuśrī.

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It is better to change your perception than your job

YOUTH IN FOCUS: I graduated recently and became a high-school teacher.  I thought that I would be good at teaching, but actually the students drive me crazy. They talk in class, joke around and some even seem to be taking drugs. I feel that I want to quit my job, but then all my training is wasted. Please advise.

Going crazy in school

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