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United to save the environment

Cover story:The Clock Tower Square on June 5  was filled with the sounds of students, residents and organisations united in the fight against environment’s most pressing issues.

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A school as unique as its founders

Upon first examination, K Gangri Primary School could be mistaken for any other school in Bhutan.  Colourful cartoon drawings and inspirational sayings, such as: “I’m not here to be average, I’m here to be awesome”, adorn the walls.  The playground is alive with students in kiras and ghos, giggling and evading their friends during a game of tag before flocking to their classrooms at the start of school.

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‘The mind is only as healthy as the body’


I am a private employee in Thimphu and I don't get time for any kind of exercises because of my working schedules. I'm 26 years old and I weigh 69 kg. I am worried that I'm constantly putting weight. What should I do?

- Dorji Tashi

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Pema Thangyig – The Biography of Guru Rinpoche

Why we do what we do: Preu Chod and Trelda is one of the oldest festivals of central Bhutan. Preu Chod and Trelda Tshechu are occasions for Bhutanese to celebrate the anniversary of Guru Rinpoche. Preu Chod, literally means the offering (chodpa) of the monkey month

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Curse of development

COVER STORY: Sounds of rhythmic drumbeats accompanied by piercing female voices resonate from a single-storey house in Tangchey, Trongsa. All around, there are fruiting mandarin, guava and tall sugarcane forests.

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How Bowl-Offerings Can Benefit Others

YOUTH IN FOCUS: Every morning, my parents ask me to make bowl-offerings and light a butter lamp on our altar. I am happy to do it, but I don’t understand the purpose. What do these offerings mean and how can they help me and others?

Tandin, Lhuentse

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We got game

BOC takes steps to popularise sports in-country and assimilate them into people’s lifestyles

COVER STORY: For sportspersons, hard work and dedication are all that matters.  Even the most naturally gifted cannot rise to the pinnacle without some earnest effort.

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Making an impact in a man’s world

Yeatoeh Lhamo Penjore is Bhutan’s first woman to venture into bodybuilding

PROFILE: Sitting behind a desk piled heavy with books, twenty-four-year-old Yeatoeh Lhamo Penjore looks up.  Her office in Thimphu primary school is small but neat.  She is a teacher there.

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Don’t Play With Drugs. They Can Really Mess You Up

YOUTH IN FOCUS: I am a 25 years boy currently studying in India. My problem is that I have developed a rare anxiety disorder. Whenever I am with other people, I get all negative thoughts and get so nervous and I feel like I can read their mind. I also feel like they know what I am thinking. This makes me so awkward when I am with other people. I have a history of marijuana abuse in the past. But I have been clean for more than a year now. What should I do, lama?

Worried in India

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