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If you cannot afford it, go without

Youth in focus: I’m in a lot of debt. I wanted the latest cell phone, new clothes and to have fun and so I took advances on my salary and borrowed money from friends. My boss will deduct the advance from my salary but it will take a long time to repay the advance. My friends are calling me all the time, but I don’t respond to their calls. I feel depressed and hopeless. How can I handle this situation? In debt, Thimphu

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Rising star of Bhutan

Main story: In a fledgling music industry where singers and musicians can hardly make music as a career, Kezang Dorji has achieved something no other singer has ever dreamt of before.

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Putting on weight

Health and fitness: Dear Sir, I am eating a lot because I want to gain some weight. Could you please tell me how to gain more weight?  Gyamtsho 

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Nyingje – Compassion

Why we do what we do: The second of the four immeasurable thoughts, tshemed bzhi (ཚད་མེད་བཞི་), is compassion. Compassion or nyingje (སྙིང་རྗེ་) in its broad sense refers to all caring and benevolent thoughts. In this context, it is often called the expedient method and paired with wisdom.

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So that storytelling culture doesn’t die away

Main story: In a quaint little village of Punakha more than three decades ago, a young girl lived in a traditional house with her parents, grandparents and cousins. At the end of each day, the family would gather around the hearth and listen to stories narrated by their grandparents.

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Thai Style Pineapple Fried Rice

img-20161010-wa0000 Recipe: Method: Heat oil in a wok, add ginger, chilli, curry powder and turmeric. Cook till ginger and curry powder releases its aroma (1 minute). And in the vegetable and rice, toss thoroughly till each grain is coated with the curry oil mixture. Season with salt and sweet soy sauce. Add in the roasted cashew nuts toss for another 1 minute and serve hot. Cooked Basmati Rice: 150gms

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Tshechu – touching the sacred

Youth in focus: Hi Lam, we are now in tshechu season. I’ve been attending the dances since I was a child, but I’m not sure why. Everyone tells me that seeing them is auspicious, but I’m not sure what that means and why it is auspicious. Can you give me a simple explanation? Thanks.    ST, Thimphu 

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Jampa – Loving Kindness

Why we do what we do: The cultivation of four immeasurable thoughts or tshemed bzhi (ཚད་མེད་བཞི་) is a common Buddhist practice. The concept of the four thoughts of loving kindness (བྱམས་པ་), compassion (སྙིང་རྗེ་), appreciative joy (དགའ་བ་) and equanimity (བཏང་སྙོམས་) existed even before the Buddha but was taken up strongly by the Buddhists.

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