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Chicken Caesar Salad

Recipe: Ingredients:
1 egg yolk
3 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1 tablespoon minced garlic
1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

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BCP looks to solve problem related to youth

Main story: With the introduction of democracy clubs in schools and education institutions, students are equipped with idea to conduct elections, organise events and activities to promote understanding of the country’s electoral system and processes, democratic governance and institutions, and also participate in decision-making processes.

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Our favourite issues from 2016

Camp Raven
Every winter, students attend the prestigious Camp Raven where they learn how to draw, paint, dance, play football and basketball among many other programmes held at the camp. These sessions are being taught by the many volunteers that love spending their time at the camp. Sessions on the importance of punctuality and on leadership are also being taught by different personalities and renowned people that are invited at the camp. The Royal Secretariat organises the month-long camp every winter.

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Welcoming the New Year (2017)

Main story: When the clock strikes 12, chances are you will be awake. You might be in the middle of a crowded dance floor with friends counting down every second to the New Year; you might be uncorking the expensive wine you have been saving all year; you might be texting your loved ones wishing them or quietly contemplating about the past year. But whatever you do, there’s no escaping the fact that as the earth completes a full circle around the sun, it’s time to celebrate and usher in a new beginning.

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Finding an inspiration during the cold season

Health & fitness: Hi Sir, Winter is one of the hardest times to lose weight while you keep on gaining weight, as you tend to eat a lot. What can I do to inspire myself to hit the gym or go jogging? Please help.  -Tandin, Thimphu

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Our New Years and Chunyipai Tshetheg

Why we do what we do: Due to its cultural diversity engendered by geographic isolation, Bhutan has many different losar (ལོ་གསར་) or New Year celebrations. The celebrations mostly mark seasonal change and cycle of agricultural life.

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Camp RUF

Main story: It’s vacation. Fifty-four students from Thimphu and Paro are gearing up to meet fifty-four students from Wangdue at the Camp Rural-Urban Friendship (RUF) this winter. The week-long camp is being held at Samtegang in Wangdue. It began from December 22. Bringing together students from rural and urban places into ...

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