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No transfer, no salary

To ensure that transferred health professionals leave to their new workplace, the health ministry’s human resource committee had written to the medical superintendent of JDWNRH and the dzongkhags to stop payment of salary to health personnel who are not relieved with immediate effect. The April 11 letter stated that as mandated by section 14.7.5 of the Bhutan Civil Service Rules 2018, civil servants who are transferred should be relieved within 30 days from the date issue of the transfer order. Health professionals are civil servants.

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Cabinet to make changes to pay commission report: Foreign Minister 

The Cabinet will make substantial changes to the fourth Pay Commission’s report to align with its motto of narrowing the gap, foreign minister Dr Tandi Dorji told Kuensel yesterday. However, the foreign minister, who is also the government’s spokesperson, said that changes would be made within the Pay Commission’s recommendations and the scope of the budget.

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GDP growth slips for the second time: ADB

While the South Asian region is projected to emerge as the fastest growing region in the world, Bhutan’s economic growth projection is trailing behind the regional average. The country’s economic growth slipped for the second time as the construction of hydropower projects slowed and electric power production declined, according to the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) outlook.

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“If you want to be a good doctor, you have to be a good human being”

Lyonchhen with Bangladesh President Mohammad Abdul Hamid

Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering has won the hearts of people in Bangladesh. “Bangladesh is my second home,” Lyonchhen said as he greeted the people who had gathered for a cultural event on April 14. The day happens to be the Bengali New Year, Pahela Baishak. “I would like to greet you happy New Year from my heart,” he said in fluent Bangla. A couple of Bhutanese songs were also performed at the event.

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ACC seizes dredged materials in Toorsa

Rigsar Construction’s dredging site at Amochhu in Phuentsholing

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) yesterday seized the stock balance of dredged materials worth millions of Ngultrums at Amochhu dredging site, popularly known as Toorsa, in Phuentsholing. The dredged materials belong to three construction firms - Rigsar Construction, Yangkhil Construction, and Chukha Construction.

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Where is the wow factor?

With the Pay Commission’s report out, many civil servants feel that the promised ‘wow factor’ is missing. They are pointing out that although a higher percentage is given to lower level public servants, there is disparity in absolute terms.

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PC recommends 14-29% salary raise

It was a busy night for civil and public servants yesterday, as they were calculating how much they would benefit from the Fourth Pay Commission’s proposed salary revision. To maintain proportionate pay progression based on job responsibility, qualification and skills the pay commission recommended a revision between 14 percent and 29 percent for public servants with higher revision at the lowest position.

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The Pay Commission recommends

The Fourth Pay Commission has recommended a revision of basic pay of public servants from 14 to 29 percent with higher rate of revision at the lower levels. The prime minister’s office shared the report today.

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Dog bite cases highest among students

There were about 5,000 stray dogs in Thimphu as of June last year

Until March this year, about 388 dog bite cases were reported at Thimphu referral hospital every month averaging about 13 cases a day. Last year, the hospital recorded an average 346 cases every month. While the increasing number of cases over the years indicate that the interventions have not been very successful, awareness about risks of dog bites among people have improved. Many reported for treatment even for scratches, according to the records.

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Tourist arrivals up by 7.61 percent

Source: Bhutan Tourism Monitor 2018

A total of 274,097 tourists visited Bhutan last year recording a growth of 7.61 percent over 2017, according to the latest Bhutan Tourism Monitor. Revenue from tourism has also increased by about seven percent or USD 5.6M (million) compared to 2017.

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Did economic growth benefit the poor?

Notwithstanding the substantial reduction in prevalence of poverty in the country, income inequality has remained the same for more than a decade. The country’s richest 20 percent of the population has been consuming 7 times more than the poorest 20 percent since 2007, according to poverty analysis reports of the past four years.

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