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Were the inaugurations rushed?

While many people in Gelephu, Serzhong and Chuzergang are questioning why the Gelephu drungkhag office was not shifted to the recently inaugurated office in Umling gewog, people who know that its construction is incomplete question why it was inaugurated. It has been more than a month after the drungkhag administration …

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Breaching the Maokhola bridge promise

Residents of Umling return home after attending a campaign meeting in Sarpang

As it happens every election time, Maokhola has become a subject of discussion for the people in Gelephu these days. With candidates and party workers recognising the need of the people living on the other side of the river, everyone promised the residents of Serzhong, Chuzergang, Umling and Tarithang gewogs …

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Landslides at Ossey close traffic for 18 days

About 300ms of the road’s formation width was completely washed off

Carrying her two-year-old child on the back and holding her six-year-old daughter by the hand, Bhimla, 24, climbed a steep slope for about 25 minutes and walked down the slippery trail for another 15 minutes. She was trans-shifting the Ossey block to take her elder daughter, who was admitted at Jigmecholing basic health unit (BHU) to the Central Regional Referral Hospital (CRRH) in Gelephu.

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Party presidents debate on manifestos

DNT to uplift the low and middle class If elected, Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) would put in place policies that will encourage use of alternative sources of energy to reduce the country’s trade deficit as majority of imports are fossil fuel and other petroleum products, one of the founders of …

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