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Fund for protected areas close to fruition

The initiative comes just as investments on conservation have been decreasing 

Conservation: Bhutan for Life initiative, a fund that would guarantee long-term protection of Bhutan’s parks and biological corridors (BCs), is steadily nearing its realisation.

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Mamata Banerjee boosts business spirit

Business proposals flew and the contagious enterprising mood got the economic affairs minister approving a proposal on the spot

Conclave: More than five business proposals and funding were pitched one after another as West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, urged delegates to come up with concrete outcomes from the two hours Business Conclave yesterday in Thimphu.

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Poor status of biological corridors

Foresters call for its status to be at par with protected areas to prevent illegal activities 

Conservation: There is an urgent need to promote the status of the eight biological corridors (BC) to that of protected areas, if the protected area system in country is to thrive, a forestry and park services study stated.

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Four e-taxi drivers switch cars, one sues dealer

Save for one, Thunder Motors has taken back all second hand electric-taxis 

Transport: Almost two months after they executed a legal agreement, four electric car drivers have returned their cars to the vehicle dealer, Thunder Motors while one has filed a case at the Thimphu district court.

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The captain makes the final call

Aviation rules permit the captain to take decisions for the safety of all passengers 

Aviation: While many sympathised with the ailing passenger who was de-boarded by Drukair on September 25, those in the aviation industry maintain that the captain’s decision was correct.

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Growing pains

Although a sign of an achievement, Graduating from a LDC status comes with a heavy price

Aid: The direct financial implications of Bhutan’s graduation from a least developed country (LDC) status will be a loss of 26 percent of the Official Development Assistance (ODA), including those of the UN system.

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