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Turning a ban into a done deal


S/J shopkeepers come on board the drive against the widespread use of plastics

SJI: Shopkeepers in Dewathang recently committed to stop dispensing free plastic bags to customers starting next month.

Supported by the Samdrup Jongkhar initiative (SJI), the shopkeepers’ decision comes as a contribution to curtail the problem of plastic waste that is becoming a growing concern in the small town.

SJI officials said plastic waste is an aggravating issue in Dewathang, where the local dumpsite [... Read More]

Paintings more than an art


The exhibition of artworks brought focus to Bhutan’s challenges in conserving its culture

Art: ‘Impressions of Happiness,’ the first joint art exhibition between Bhutanese and Singaporean artists saw an impressive sale of eight paintings in seven days when it closed on April 17 at the Chapel Gallery in Sculpture Square, Singapore.

The event, which showcased the concept of happiness through artworks and also featured a book launch, a film screening and talks on conservation, was [... Read More]

Centre justifies selection process

BOIC’s board of directors say selection was done in fair and objective manner

BOIC:  Business Opportunity and Information Centre’s (BOIC) board of directors yesterday issued a communiqué to explain that selection of candidates for the advertised posts was done objectively and transparently.

After the selection result of some of the posts were declared, the board received a complaint saying that posts for Information Technology Expert and PR and Media were predetermined, and interviews conducted unfairly.  [... Read More]

Middle East postings to be screened for safety

Given the poor reputation of some jobs in the region, MoLHR to take necessary precautions

Employment: Safety of the Bhutanese jobseekers going to the Middle East for employment opportunities will be ensured, labour minister Ngeema Sangay Tshempo, said, while launching the regulation on Bhutanese overseas employment agents (BoEA) yesterday.

“We’re aware of the scary stories we hear from the Middle East,” the minister said, adding that the ministry was quite reluctant to give clearance in [... Read More]

Picture story

Customers open bank accounts at the new Bank of Bhutan branch office in Panbang. The branch office opened on April 16 is the 43rd BoB office in the country. BoB will open another office in Lhamoizingkha, Dagana on April 21


Trade deficit rises to Nu 24.67B

The imbalance is largely attributed to the mega hydro projects under construction

Trade:The country’s overall balance of trade deficit (including electricity) has reached Nu 24.67B today.

The recently published trade statistics report shows that Bhutan imported commodities worth Nu 53.09B in 2012 against its export of Nu 28.42B.

This is an increase of 43.35 percent from the 2011 deficit, which is also the lowest in about four years.  The deficit in the balance of trade (BOT) [... Read More]

Commodity exchange to ease agri-business

Commerce: Within the next eight months or so, the country will have a commodity exchange to ensure ease of marketing agricultural produce for farmers.

A commodity exchange is a centralised and organised market place where agro-based products in particular, industrial metals, bullions and energy are traded through a standard rules and by-laws.

Through this establishment a farmer, for instance, who wishes to sell his agricultural produce, say potatoes, could be supplied to a warehouse, which [... Read More]

Selection process flawed and unfair?

This is what some applicants of various jobs the BOIC announced recently had to say

BOIC: Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) received a walk-in complaint yesterday alleging unfair selection and flawed process against several job openings Business Opportunities and Information Centre (BOIC) announced recently.

According to the complain letter, it was alleged that the person selected for the post of information technology expert was given to someone who had close acquaintance with the centre’s chief executive officer.

It [... Read More]

Thailand expresses interest to expand relations

Relations: Thailand’s interest to expand its assistance to the country and involve in its development projects was what came out quite clearly during the second annual bilateral consultation between governments of Bhutan and Thailand, in Thimphu yesterday.

Thailand’s foreign affairs permanent secretary expressed this on the sidelines of the meeting.

While Thailand already provides assistance for human resource development through education and scholarships, permanent secretary Sihasak Phuangketkeow said an expanded role would allow the benefits [... Read More]

GAOs discuss career advancement opportunities


They looked at two main aspects of joining ministries or agencies under them and training opportunities

GAO: Irrespective of their seniority, in terms of years of service, gewog administrative officers (GAOs) wishing to join ministries or various agencies under it will still have to undergo the interview process.

Of course they have to wait for openings the Royal Civil Service Commission announces.

Local government officials were clarifying during a discussion on opportunities for senior GAOs to [... Read More]

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