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Pay revision, a done deal

As per the Constitution, as a money bill, the decision of the Assembly is final and binding Government: If the Supreme Court’s verdict on the first constitutional case is to be referred to, then discussions on the pay revision saga ended when the National Assembly endorsed it with 30 Yes votes last month. This means, irrespective of the twists and turns that are taking place outside the lower house, be it the house of review or among the opposition members, the pay revision remains endorsed [... Read More]

The grey area of seized contraband

Goods confiscated by the army in border smuggling cases are not produced in court  Judiciary: There are possibilities of loopholes in sentencing people involved in illegal trade, if the seized goods they are importing or exporting are not produced before the court to estimate its value. Drangpons at the recently concluded judiciary conference brought the issue for discussion, saying that, without police declaring seized goods to court, sentencing people was becoming difficult. Drangpons from Haa, Paro and Bumthang, who deal with most of the cases, [... Read More]

Job creation a shared responsibility

The national policy thus applies to HRD agencies and all training providers besides MoL Employment: Creating employment opportunities will now be a shared responsibility between the labour ministry and human resource development agencies and training providers that are under the ministry or privately owned. This will be possible with the national employment policy 2013, and the regulations on the in-country Bhutanese employment agencies 2014, that the labour minister launched yesterday. The employment policy states that the local government and dzongkhags will also be responsible for [... Read More]

BPC vested with system operator license

Its functions will cover all facets of power generation, transmission and distribution BEA: Bhutan Power corporation (BPC) has become the nation’s system operator. In 2006, BPC was designated by the Bhutan Electricity Authority (BEA) to function as system coordinator (SC) for Bhutan. “However, with the rapid growth in hydropower sector to achieve the planned target of 10,000MW by 2020, the associated power system development and its operations would be more complex, and thus the need to have a full-fledged system operator,” stated a press release [... Read More]

Domestic flights eat into Drukair profits

The other factor in the decline of returns was competition from Bhutan Airlines Aviation: The domestic flights and price war with Bhutan Airlines has eaten away a huge chunk of Drukair Corporation’s profit last year. While the national airline made a profit of Nu 124.8 million (M) last year, the margin could have been higher without competition and the start of a domestic sector. Drukair’s 276 domestic flights ferried only 490 passengers.  Which means every flight carried less than two persons. Drukair chief executive officer, [... Read More]

Capital lacks comprehensive drainage network

DSC_6381A residential unit in lower Motithang filled with water that overflowed from a nearby drain on Wednesday

Thromde’s master plan for the purpose failed to come through due to budget constraints   Thromde: The brief but heavy downpour on Wednesday that flooded and damaged properties in some parts of Thimphu came as a reminder that the capital city needs a relook at its drainage system. But the thromde and residents can only pray for lighter rains, as the city lacks a proper drainage network, and there is no data on the existing drainage network either. During the 10th Plan, the thromde’s engineering [... Read More]

Rice bank for indebted Punakha sharecroppers

IMG_2044VAST volunteers distributes rice in Kabisa gewog

VAST: Farmer Tshering, 50, of Zarbisa village in Kabisa, Punakha, need not worry about buying rice until the next paddy harvest season. The father of three is among 13 beneficiaries, who received seven bags of 25kg white rice each from the Voluntary Artists’ Studio Thimphu (VAST), yesterday. Initiated by the VAST as the first step towards their fourth rice bank project, volunteers were there to distribute rice crucially required to relieve shortages that occur at this time of the year before the harvest. As Tshering’s [... Read More]

Mebartsho – As perilous a pilgrimage site as ever


The dzongkhag however has plans to develop the place with emphasis on safety Nye: History books and travel agents might hail Mebartsho (burning lake) in Tang, Bumthang as a sacred site with historical significance, but the safety aspect still remains as elusive as the lake itself. That is after numerous accidents at the lake site, with the most recent one in October 2013 claiming the lives of an Indian couple, who visited the lake without guides. Although every year, many high profile officials, including ministers [... Read More]

Villagers want menchu to be made off limits to public

DSC_0704Visitors soak in heated menchu, that’s believed to have healing properties

They believe soiling the sacred brook’s surroundings has caused recent disasters endured Dogar: A ten-minute treacherous walk down a craggy cliff leads to a sacred brook that people of Dogar believe to be a menchu (medicinal water) near Dobji dzong in Dawakha, between Haa and Thimphu. The holy water, which flows out from beneath a mammoth rock, is believed to have sprung in 1539, when Dobji dzong housed prisoners in its open compound.  Since then, the menchu is believed to have cured people of diseases [... Read More]

Significant increase in mobile data usage

The number of users has increased close to sixfold over the last year BT 3G: The number of 3G mobile data users in the country has increased significantly over just a year. From 23,000 mobile data users in March 2013, the number grew to 120,000 users by the end of the year. The chief executive officer (CEO) with Bhutan Telecom, Nidup Dorji, at the annual press conference of Druk Holding and Investments (DHI) companies on Thursday, announced there were over 135,000 mobile data users registered [... Read More]

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