Thursday, November 27th, 2014 - 12:35 PM
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A knotty timber issue

The demand, to the detriment of forests, is for standing trees while depot stockpiles decay FRMD: Meeting timber demand for construction and repair of dzongs, temples, and monasteries remains one of the main threats to forest resources in the country, as most of them go for standing trees and not those from the timber depots. Last year alone, the forest resources management division (FRMD) issued more than 200,469 cubic feet (cft) of timber permits for repair or construction of 53 temples, monasteries, dzongs and institutions. [... Read More]

Regulating political finance

The charter for Bhutan Democracy Dialogue to facilitate democracy will soon be finalised ECB: To understand money in politics, political finance and its roles among others, member of Parliaments, candidates, senior party executives and treasurer of parties participated in a workshop on political finance regulation in Paro from November 4 to 6. The ability to explain Asia’s main challenges and priorities to address them; to identify and compare ways in which political finance can be regulated and to discuss the options available in regulating political [... Read More]

Safeguarding Sarpang

The foreign minister has informed the people of a possible wall to secure the area Border: If walls or fencing could prevent cross border infiltration, Gelephu and Sarpang would have safer times ahead, with the foreign minister, Rinzin Dorji assuring residents of a wall along the Indo-Bhutan border. The minister, during a recent visit to Sarpang, said that the government is holding talks with the Indian government regarding the construction of the wall in the border areas for the safety of the people living there. [... Read More]

Nursing student’s body flown in today

Suicide: The body of a 20 year-old nursing student, in Mangalore, India, who committed suicide on November 6, will be flown home today. She was a second year student of Indira Nursing College in Mangalore, India. A male friend who was watching over her at the apartment had gone out to a shop when the incident occurred. President of the Bhutanese students’ association in Mangalore, in a telephone interview said the student had been dealing with depression for a while. Sources said the college had [... Read More]

No news about abductees since Sept. 7 ransom call

Kidnap: The two men, a Bhutanese and an Indian national, who went missing two months earlier from Santipur near Gelephu are yet to be released. The last call family members received was two days after the incident on September 5.  Family members said, kidnappers directed them over the phone to arrange Nu 2M in cash for their release.  They warned that the abductees would be killed if the money were not arranged.  The call was made from a B-mobile number. Both the abductees, aged 48 [... Read More]

Direct employment scheme makes its mark in the east

A change in mindset about blue-collar jobs has already been effected to an extent GEP: Karma Wangdi started work in an automobile workshop in Trashigang.  It has been two months since he joined the workshop through the direct employment scheme (DES) under the guaranteed employment programme (GEP) launched by the labour ministry in June.  He wants to start a workshop of his own someday. A graduate from the Technical Training Institute in Rangjung, Karma Wangdi said that he worried about availability of jobs in the [... Read More]

Along with the farm road, a wish for a motorable bridge

farm-roadExcavation works to maintain the farm road is in full swing

The people dream of a link that can transform their gewog’s economic prospects Nichula: The people of Nichula gewog in Dagana have decided where the gewog development grant (GDG) for this financial year (2014-15) will be spent most – the farm road. Although the farm road already exists, and has connected the gewog’s four villages, the road is just about pliable.  Through a public consultation, the gewog administration has decided to pump in Nu 1.9M into the farm road. Nichula gup Dilip Gurung said the [... Read More]

Our relations are unique and special: President Mukherjee

The President of India, in an e-mail interview, reiterated the close ties between the two nations  State visit: India attaches the highest importance to its relations with Bhutan, a friend and neighbour, which is sustained by a long tradition of close consultations and frequent exchange of high level visits, according to the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee. The President is arriving today in the country on the invitation of His Majesty the King. The President, in an e-mail interview, said that, upon the invitation of [... Read More]

Reality check – Only 6,476MW by around 2022

President Pranab Mukherjee has assured to ensure better border security coordination State visit: The ambition of generating 10,000MW of electricity by 2020 may be confirmed as dead in the water.  At the most, the country will generate 6,476MW, just over half of what was aspired for, by 2022. The President of India, who is on a two-day visit, confirmed this.  In an email interview sent to New Delhi, the President said that the 10 Indian-assisted projects in Bhutan, which include the three existing, three ongoing [... Read More]

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