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Carving out a new life

Phub Dorji

It all started when 21-year-old Phub Dorji wanted to forget the miserable life he was going through and found solace in drinking and abusing drugs with his friends. This was sometime in 2011. Phub was devastated when his adoptive father, who was a sole bread earner, passed away. He was …

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Have naming and shaming helped?

It was as if the country was drugged. Drug cases were spiralling intoxicating almost every section of the society. A nationwide crackdown on drugs was initiated on December 2, 2013 and while arrests were increasing, the problems persisted. An average of about 500 people from all walks of life were …

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Phakpa nam- the marijuana plant

Whatever it is called- grass, dope, pot, weed or herb – it is a weed, literally. One of the most abused substances, the marijuana or cannabis plant is an invasive plant that grows almost all over the country and grows well even without care. Those in the east call it …

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Youth and drugs: early intervention and support necessary

Access to drugs, experimenting substance abuse and peer pressure, are the most common reasons why school-going children today get into substance abuse. This is according to education ministry’s career education and counselling division (CECD). The record maintained with the division shows that a total of 521 (467M and 54F) students …

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Recovering addicts at the happiness centre

Spring has brought fresh hope for Pema, an 18-year-old recovering addict in Phuentsholing. The promise lies with the Happiness Centre Recovery Volunteer Group (HCRVG) located at the confluence of Omchhu and Toorsa. It has been two months since the Class VI dropout was accepted as a client by the happiness …

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Brand Bumthang to promote and preserve culture

Making bronze statues is one of the initiatives to promote Brand Bumthang

Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (BCCI) regional office in Bumthang has helped initiate three projects to enhance culture and tradition and create jobs in the dzongkhag. Called ‘Brand Bumthang’, the initiatives include making bronze statue, buckwheat noodle making and producing yathra slippers and boots. BCCI in-charge, Lekden Wangchuk, said …

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379 health workers’ practicing license suspended

Bhutan Medical and Health Council (BMHC) suspended 379 medical and health professionals’ license to practice for failing to renew their certificate of registration. The suspension list includes six doctors, a dental surgeon, 37 pharmacists, 120 nurses, 205 paramedical professionals, four drungtshos and six menpas. BMHC’s registrar general, Sonam Dorji, said a practising medical …

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Labour ministry to keep tab on Malaysia programme 

An investigation team from the labour ministry found that the Best Placement Agency, the agent that sent 92 students to Malaysia had not violated any rules and acted as per the contract agreements it drew with the students. After two students lodged a complaint against the agent in November last …

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Gelephu LSS initiates feeding programme for the less fortunate

15 students are provided midday meals daily through the feeding programme

It is lunchtime at Gelephu Lower Secondary School, Sarpang. In small groups, students sit around their lunch. A small bunch of students group themselves near the multi-purpose hall. They are the one who cannot afford to bring their own lunch to school. With steel plates and mugs, they queue in …

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Savour Bhutan hits market

KIL hopes to substitute imported cheese with its local processed cheese

Giving choice to the people, Koufuku International Limited (KIL) has launched its new product, Savour Bhutan, the Ema Datshi cheese in the market. The first local block cheese produced at Chenary in Trashigang is a blend of Gouda and cheddar cheese. KIL did a market trial on April 19 and …

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Poor road condition affects commuters in Pemagatshel

The highway will be blacktopped in the 12th plan

Commuters plying along the 22kms Pemagatshel-Tshelinggor highway are worried, as the condition of the road is becoming worse. The highway is important for the people of Pemagatshel as it connects the dzongkhag with Samdrupjongkhar. “But there are no maintenance and blacktopping works carried out for a long time,” a Pemagatshel …

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