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The first floor of a two-storied boys hostel at Yurung Central School in Pemagatshel was completely damaged in a fire yesterday afternoon. Police said the cause of the fire is unknown as the incident occurred when the students were in class. Teachers, students and residents of Yurung managed to contain …

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Pyramid schemes lure thousands 

Sometime in January this year, Pema, 46, learnt about an online scheme from her friend. The scheme, called Oriens dealt in health supplements and was told that she could learn more about it by joining a group on WeChat. The mother of four cannot read but an official from Oriens briefed her that they had the government’s approval for the scheme. She was asked to deposit Nu 6,000 into a bank account for which some health supplements would be provided. Pema is then askåd to add more members to the group. She earns Nu 405 for each new member she adds. The group of four is promised a group bonus of Nu 572.

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A call to rationalise in country travel claims

Of the 10 recommendations the Royal Audit Authority (RAA) made to the finance ministry on in-country travel claims, six are partially implemented. The RAA had pointed out weak administrative, supervisory and monitoring controls on in country travel claims. Three recommendations were not implemented and one is in the process of …

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Accident kills three and injures 10

Two non-Bhutanese men from Jalapiguri in West Bengal, India, died on impact when the Bolero they were travelling in veered off the road on the early morning of April 22 in Sombaykha, Haa. Another non-Bhutanese died on the way to Dorokha hospital in Samtse. The other 10 passengers, also non-Bhutanese, …

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38 civil servants demoted or terminated between 2014 and 2018

At least 38 civil servants were demoted or terminated between 2014 and 2018 on administrative disciplinary actions, according to records maintained by the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC). The commission’s annual report, 2018-2019, states that agencies through their respective human resource committees (HRC) also took administrative actions against 64 civil …

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Delay in ToR holds election of new DNT president

The Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) secretariat is waiting for an endorsement of Terms of Reference (ToR) for its president to call a General Assembly to elect a new party president. Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering currently holds the post of party president although the party’s charter does not allow a …

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Medicine rules to be revised

Given the need to incorporate new regulatory provisions, the Drug Regulatory Authority (DRA) is working on revising the Bhutan Medicines Rules and Regulations (BMRR). Since the first edition of the medicines rules and regulations came into effect in 2005, the rules have been revised twice. To read more, please subscribe …

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Three women charged for battery and libel 

Paro police forwarded the case involving three women who were charged for battery and libel to court on April 22. Following a complaint filed to police after the video of a woman slapping and abusing another woman went viral on social media in February, the three suspects were arrested the …

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Browning pine along Thimphu-Paro highway attributed to die-back

Periodic pine die-back along Pachu-Wangchu dry river valley (Photo: Pema Wangda (PhD))

Hundreds of pine trees along the Thimphu-Paro-Haa highway are turning brown and dying. The condition is called die-back, in which a tree begins to die from the tip of leaves or roots. The die-back is attributed to disease or unfavorable environmental conditions. To read more, please subscribe by registering at …

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Green house chilli farmers expect good yield

Residents of Tandingang village in Bumthang are expecting a good yield from their first green house chilli plantation. The green houses were distributed by the gewog and the dzongkhag administrations. The residents are divided into three groups with six members in the bigger one and three members each in two …

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Gasa Tsachu faces staff and fund shortage

There are over 70 units for guests at Gasa tsachu

Non-compliance to rules, lack of staff and fund for renovations are some of the major challenges facing the Gasa Tshachu management today. There are only three staff managing over 1, 200 guests during peak seasons. To read more, please subscribe by registering at www.ekuensel.com

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More than 200 Bhutanese wait to occupy allotted housing

Incomplete: Works are still on to construct the affordable housing units in Phuentsholing

More than 200 Bhutanese living across the border who were allotted affordable housing units in December last year, are still waiting to move into their new flats. Officials from National Housing Development Corporation Limited (NHDCL) had said the flats would be ready for occupancy by February this year.

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School curriculum revised and rationalised

On the recommendations of the Bhutan Education Blueprint 2014-2024, National School Curriculum Conference 2016 and the resolution of the 19th National Education Conference, the Royal Education Council has revised and rationalised school curriculum and instructional time. Irrelevant and obsolete contents from textbooks have been screened out, errors rectified and information …

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