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Concerns raised on state of Pasakha industrial estate

The industries in Pasakha industrial estate may get to keep certain portion of the lease rent amount collected and plough it back to meet the maintenance cost the estate incurs today. The lease amount is today deposited into the government coffer. To read more, please subscribe by registering at www.ekuensel.com

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Picture story

The roadblock along Manitar – Lhamoizhingkha at Kezangree Ch, 29km, which occurred on June 25, is still being cleared. Heavy rain has been one of the main challenges in clearing the block. (Photo and info courtesy: DoR)

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Govt. and Opposition concerned on PHPA I’s progress

The project cost at PHPA I has escalated three-folds (file photo)

The government and the Opposition are on the same page when it concerns the progress of Phunatshangchhu hydroelectric project I (PHPA I). Foreign minister, Dr Tandi Dorji during the recent press conference said that the cost at PHPA I has escalated three-folds. “I would like to agree that we should make a formal decision to see weather we should continue with this project,” he said. 

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36 new HIV cases detected 

With the detection of 36 new HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) cases in the last six months, the case detection gap is closed by 2.4 percent resulting in an overall case detection gap of 47.6 percent. As of December 2018, the case detection gap was 50 percent. Of the total detected between January and June …

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OAG reviewing Taktse College case report

College of Language and Cultural Studies, Taktse (Photo: CLCS)

The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) is reviewing the case of the College of Language and Cultural Studies (CLCS) in Taktse, Trongsa, after Trongsa police and a special investigation team police sent from the headquarters forwarded their investigation report. According to the report, only four of the nine lecturers …

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Govt. to expand diplomatic relations

Amid differences, the government and the opposition are on the same page on the need to expand diplomatic relations. Five years after the former government completely froze expansion of diplomatic relations, the prime minister in his State of the Nation report announced that Bhutan would establish at least one embassy …

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Access to finance and rents top challenges for businesses

Difficulty in access to finance and paying rent affect two in five business establishments, according to the first Economic Census of Bhutan that was launched on July 8. The census had a module on business environment to assess the challenges faced by businesses in the country. To read more, please …

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USD 25.3 million for climate resilient agriculture

Green Climate Fund (GCF) approved USD 25.3 million for development of climate resilient agriculture in Bhutan. The five-year project from 2020 to 2025 is expected to benefit the rural communities through the provision of sustainable land and water management, climate-resilient irrigation, agriculture, and roads. To read more, please subscribe by …

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Plastic use declines in Samdrupjongkhar

Vendors use paper to wrap doma

The ban on use of plastic bags in Samdrupjongkhar thromde has been fairly successful with about 90 percent drop in use of plastic bags and doma wrappers. Shops across the Indian border towns have also stopped giving plastic bags to Bhutanese vendors and customers after the ban. To read more, …

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Transport, water problems top among NGOs, coops, and farmers’ groups

Water, electricity supply, transport, access to land, finance, and competition of the informal sector are the most common obstacles to businesses for non-governmental organisations (NGOs), cooperatives, and farmers’ groups. These obstacles pose problems to at least 20 percent of the surveyed establishments, according to the first economic census (ECoB 2019). …

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1098 help line well-received

The National Commission for Women and Children (NCWC) has received a total of 1,730 calls related to women and children through the 1098 toll-free helpline since its operation from October 2018. NCWC’s protection service’s head, Yeshi Lham, said that 1,154 calls from October 11, 2018 to June 30 this year …

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Conference discusses challenges facing RAA

Website for the professional development centre was launched yesterday in Tsirang

The 16th conference of the Royal Audit Authority (RAA) at the professional development centre in Tsirang on July 8 highlighted the challenges of retaining human resource, poor documentation of the audited agencies and lack of budget, among others. Themed “Value and benefits of the Supreme Audit Institution (SAI),” the conference’s focus …

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