Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014 - 7:59 PM
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Vehicle import ban lifted from today

DoT: New models from Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, Maruti Suzuki, along with 30 Toyota vehicles, will soon hit the roads in the country. The department of trade officially lifted the vehicle import ban, which came in to effect since July 2012, today. The economic affairs minister, Norbu Wangchuk, said, “Now that the new taxation is in place, the ban will be lifted with immediate effect.” Vehicle dealers in the country have received numerous inquiries about the prices and bookings, since July 1. “Some even came with [... Read More]

Borehole solution to water shortage problem

IMG_0140Residents have been facing acute water shortage for decades without a solution to it

A temporary measure to a perennial scarcity until the town master plan is ready S/j Thromde: Although a temporary measure, Samdrupkongkhar residents will get some relief from the perennial water shortage issue, with the thromde planning to dig a borehole to tap underground water. The plan also includes reviving the existing defunct dug well to supplement water distribution and tap water from nearby streams as an immediate measure. Residents have been facing water shortage for decades without a possible solution to the issue. Samdrupjongkhar thrompon [... Read More]

Picture story

Not a ritual: Meme Kinzang uses cymbals to scare wild animals from attacking his maize fields in Horong village, Mongar    

Reaping the cordyceps rewards

IMG_9046Kinley Bidha and family in a hotel in Thimphu

After an arduous spell of collection, it’s time now to spend some hard-earned money Fungus: Months of hard work paid off, when Kinley Bidha’s ophiocordyceps sinensis was graded A plus, and fetched a handsome sum of Nu 550,000 at a recent auction in Damji. During the collection season, the timid and sunburnt highlander from Lunana collected about 500 grams of the fungus, literally scanning the grounds on all four. Kinley Bidha was the highest contributor in the A plus category, which totalled up to a [... Read More]

A more user-friendly FDI policy

MoEA has undertaken a course correction following the ill-fated G4S departure  Investment: Foreign direct investment (FDI) companies in the country from now on will be allowed to repatriate their profits in the currency of their choice, and not in the currency of earnings. The cabinet has changed the FDI policy, 2010, and repatriation of the dividends among others is the major change. Earlier, the policy allowed FDIs repatriation in the currency of earnings, which is the Ngultrum. The much-awaited policy change comes in the wake [... Read More]

3,304 graduates to sit prelims

BCSC: A total of 3,304 graduates have registered with the Royal Civil Service Commission to appear the preliminary examination on August 10. This year the number of graduates registering for the preliminary exam has dropped by 263 compared to last year’s 3,567. However, only 3,332 of them sat the examination last year. There are 1,451 female and 1,853 male this year. The month long e-registration closed on July 17. Separate figures of graduates registering for different fields could not be availed. RCSC officials said the [... Read More]

State corporation to unlock ‘no-mine zones’

Dzongkhags have no right to hold national mineral resources to ransom, says minister   Mining: Dzongkhag tshogdus, such as Haa and Samtse, that have declared their dzongkhags as no-mining zones will need to reconsider their decisions, once the state mining corporation is established. Economic affairs minister Norbu Wangchuk said local governments couldn’t hold huge rich mineral deposits at ransom. Economic affairs ministry and particularly its geology and mines department, he said, are empowered to take decisions and make policies related to the mining sector. “Individual [... Read More]

34 new HIV positive cases in six months

Health: With about five new HIV positive cases detected every month, the country recorded 34 more HIV positive cases between December to June this year, taking the total number of detected cases to 380. Of the new 34 cases, 18 are male and the rest females.  Two are minors, aged two and three years, according to the health ministry.  A majority of them were adults within the productive age group of 20 to 39 years, while the remaining seven were aged between 40 to 49 [... Read More]

Two projects to be tendered out in two years

These energy+ ventures fall outside the purview of 10,000MW by 2020 Hydropower: Two new hydropower projects will be up for bidding to investors from outside in the next two years. The bidding process is taking off after the Norwegian government-funded Energy+ Cooperation Partnership project started its work recently.  A total of Norwegian Kroner 100M (USD 17M) will be contributed to this project, which has hydropower as one of the four packages. In the hydropower package, six hydropower projects are in the pipeline with a budget [... Read More]

Principal sentenced for using corporal punishment

Education: Mongar district court yesterday sentenced a school principal to a three-month prison term for inflicting corporal punishment on a student. The principal can pay a thrimthue of Nu 11,250 in lieu of the prison term.  He also has to pay Nu 45,000 as compensation to the boy for ‘traumatising him’ and for making him miss school for a year.  If the boy is interested, the verdict states, he can join school next year. The incident happened on April 23, this year. The principal’s statement [... Read More]