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Dagana student diagnosed with ruptured eardrum

Update: The 17-year-old student from Dagana, who was allegedly beaten by the school principal, was diagnosed with a ruptured eardrum, a medical examination including forensic tests, at the Thimphu referral hospital yesterday confirmed. Medical examination by the ENT (ear, nose and throat) surgeon at Thimphu referral hospital found a hole in the right eardrum of the class VII student of Drujegang HS.  The school principal had allegedly beaten and slapped the student on August 22 evening. Suspecting internal injuries, and on seeing clots of blood [... Read More]

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Nuns train nuns: Five nun trainers trained 20 other nuns from nunneries across the country on women’s health issues in Paro last week. The training was organised by the Bhutan Nuns Foundation and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).   

Gender discrimination may be deeply ingrained

DSC_2034Panelist discuss socio - cultural factors as an enabler for women’s empowerment yesterday

Culture and tradition conspire against giving women equal status and their rightful place in society Forum: Praying to be reborn as men in the next life, and not allowing females to enter a goenkhang (sanctum sanctorum), were some of the social and cultural factors that came up for discussion yesterday at the third multi-stakeholders’ forum that was held on the role and contribution of women in economic development. Participants, mostly women, raised this issue during the forum’s question hour session, which had focused on how [... Read More]

Bhutan makes official request to Japan for 1,450 power tillers

Consultation: Bhutan officially requested Japan for 1,450 power tillers during its annual consultation, which was held in New Delhi earlier this month, according to the foreign affairs ministry. Besides reviewing and assessing current Japanese-assisted projects in Bhutan, an official request for the power tillers was also submitted to the Japanese government. Some projects the Japanese are assisting Bhutan with currently include the rehabilitation of the Taklai irrigation system in Sarpang, improvement of rural power supply, farm mechanisation, optical fibre engineering, road bridge designing, horticulture research, [... Read More]

Villagers want ngar thram surveyed

For various reasons certain areas could not be covered in the last survey of 2012 NLC: The villagers of Phangkhar and Trong gewogs in Zhemgang are urging the national land commission (NLC) to complete the survey of those land reflected as ngar thram (old) in 2012, as surveyors rushed to wind up the survey before the December 17, 2012 deadline. The land recorded in ngar thram was not surveyed because of location, shortcoming of survey equipment, and because some had turned into forests, as they [... Read More]

Woman inclusive good governance

Weeklong workshop on building capacity on gender responsive planning and budgeting  GRPB: Some 120 officials from health, education, and agriculture sectors across the country will now have additional roles to play in institutionalising and sensitising gender-responsive planning and budgeting (GRPB). A weeklong workshop on capacity building on GRPB in these sectors concluded yesterday with health officials’ participation.  The workshop was organised by UN Women, with support from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), to work with the government in strengthening ongoing efforts on GRPB. Project officer [... Read More]

Local leaders and bar owners see eye to eye

With respect to the mushrooming of alcohol retailers, albeit for different reasons Alcohol: While the reasons are different, after local leaders, it’s now Zhemgang’s bar owners, who are expressing concerns over the proliferation of retail wine shops in the district. Zhemgang dzongkhag tshogdu (DT) had recently suspended issuance of retail wine shops in its jurisdiction, fearing detrimental impact on the health of the community. However, the concern of bar owners is purely business. There are around 57 retail wine shops against 113 operational bars in [... Read More]

Gaselo HSS’s egalitarian initiative

IMG_0035In uniform: Students of Gaselo high school queue for their mid day meal

All wear the same uniform with rubber slippers and use the same steel plates and mugs Time Out: It is easy, cheap and hygienic to go to Gaselo higher secondary school in summer. The gap between rich and poor, at least in appearance, is non-existent, for they wear the same uniform and eat in standard plates.  Students simply put on their uniforms and flip flops, without the hassle of polishing shoes and searching for stockings, and head to classrooms. The new initiative implemented during monsoon, [... Read More]

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Water woes: A water well drilling rig is stationed near the Thimchhu to pump and supply water to the Royal Bhutan Police family quarters in Thimphu     

Two-year deadline to blacktop 106 gewog centre roads

By the end of this plan period, all but four of these sub-districts will be so connected DoR: In the next two years, 106 gewogs centres across the country will be connected with blacktopped roads, department of roads officials say. By end of this Plan, blacktopping of 201 gewog roads will be completed.  The remaining four gewogs of Lunana, Soe, Lingshi and Geling in Chukha, which currently neither have road connectivity nor are included to be connected in the current plan, will be left out. [... Read More]

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