Friday , August 28 2015

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B-Wallet strikes again

Another incident affects Bank of Bhutan account holders

ICT: Many customers who attempted to avail a Bhutan Telecom (BT) promotion last week did not receive the requested top-ups nor the 40 percent bonus but still had their accounts deducted.

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High Court adjourns for investigation

Former project manager admitted to creating fake muster rolls for the sake of the Lhakhang Karpo project and not for his personal gain 

Update: The former Lhakhang Karpo project manager admitted to creating fake muster rolls to use the money for other activities of the project and not for his personal gain, while rebutting against the Office of the Attorney General’s appeal in the High Court yesterday.

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3D colour coded driving licences launched

A Taxi Operating Permit was also introduced besides designating colours to differentiate the licence holders  

RSTA: Starting today, driving licences for the public, taxi drivers and commercial drivers will be differentiated by their colours.

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Follow due process for criminal cases: High Court

Overturning the lower court’s ruling, the HC stated that prosecuting agencies should charge all criminal cases

Judiciary: The High Court recently overturned the lower court’s rulings on two cases pertaining to the 12 flat buyers and have set aside 66 years of imprisonment unless the defendant, real estate developer Dechen Tshering is charged through a criminal process.

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