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All children should have access to science: Lucy Hawking

Lucy-HawkingQ&A: Lucy Hawking is an author and the original creator of the George Greenby books, a series of adventure stories which aim to explain complex science to a young audience through dramatic storytelling. She has also written two books for adults - Jaded and Run for your Life. Lucy spent a year as Distinguished Writer in residence at the Origins Project, ASU where she was also Visiting International Scholar at the Institute of Humanities Research.

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Are Bhutanese happier?

The survey period for the GNH survey 2015 has been completed and data is being compiled

GNH: Despite some misgivings about their politicians, Bhutanese citizens are still a happy lot, perhaps even more so than a few years ago, going by the personal observations of the enumerators, who travelled around the country to interview respondents for the GNH survey 2015.

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Slide buries five in MHPA dam pit


Recovery works would resume today 

Disaster: Incessant slides impeded recovery efforts to rescue the five workers who got buried under the debris when a natural landslide from the left bank dam abutment in Mangdechu hydropower project authority (MHPA) washed down the dam site around 11am yesterday in Trongsa.

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Pornographic clips go viral

Police requests people to file complaints and cooperate with them 

Pornography: Despite three arrests and a petition filed against locally made amateur pornographic movie clips, circulation of such clips in the public domain continue to increase.

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Expanding diplomatic relations is not a priority right now: Foreign Minister


Q&A: You are the third foreign minister in seven years. The ministry has been able to function without a minister and also without a secretary. Some would say this is because this ministry is not as important or functional as the others. How would you respond to such an observation? The absence of the minister and secretary in the foreign ministry was due to a turn of unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances.

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