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Airport preparedness for quakes

Much work remains to be done if the country is to be ready for that kind of a disaster

Aviation: The need to expand Paro international airport has become a more urgent issue following the April 25 earthquake in Nepal.

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Tobacco ban fails to inhibit young smokers

Global Youth Tobacco Survey, 2013 has found that usage among youth has in fact risen

Survey: Bhutan has the highest prevalence of tobacco users among students, both at the regional and global level, according to the Global Youth Tobacco Survey, 2013, alarming officials and pushing them to call for strict enforcement of tobacco control laws.

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Council seeks to put a leash on politicking

NC amendments put an end to door-to-door campaigns, among other recommendations

Election: A political party shall be prohibited from conducting door-to-door election campaigns.  This will also apply to the National Council and local government elections.

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Court dismisses charges of bribery and inferior quality of sand

The defendant was asked to refund the cost of six truckloads of sand missing

Verdict:  The Haa dzongkhag court on May 26 acquitted a 31 year-old contractor from two charges that the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) had framed against him in connection to the ongoing Lhakhang Karpo conservation project case.

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Two dead in accident

Accident:Two women, aged 26 and 50, were killed after the truck they were travelling in fell 70 metres off the road at Lawakha at around 4:30pm on May 30.

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Collaring elephants to conserve them

Wildlife: In what could be useful input for solving the human-elephant conflict as well as elephant conservation, forestry officials are carrying out GPS (global positioning system) collaring of elephants in wildlife sanctuaries in the south.

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When all one’s eggs is energy export

The country’s dependence on a single source of income has many critics vocally worried 

Hydropower: The concern that a small landlocked country is too dependent on a single export commodity, electricity, is growing, with critics getting louder that the country is risking its future without diversifying its economy base.

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BOiC’s legality may be subjected to SC scrutiny

Council: The National Council, yesterday, resolved to seek the Supreme Court’s opinion over Business Opportunity Information Centre’s (BOiC) legality, but only after submitting the issue to His Majesty the King, as per the procedure outlined in the Constitution.

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