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Vehicle Quota -Will the bane finally be banned?

The import quota is also blamed for the increasing number of vehicles

Many have opined, but none have dared to solve the touchy issue of vehicle quota privilege that has led to enormous financial losses to the Government in taxes, not to mention other associated negative impacts such as unsustainable importation of vehicles leading to traffic congestion, increase in accidents, increase in …

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The reading retreat

Students avail the registration forms for the retreat this year

Education has always been His Majesty’s greatest concern and priority, and as teachers, we shoulder the noblest role in providing the kind of education, which will illuminate the future of Bhutan in the best way. Teachers have the greatest blessings and support from the benevolent throne. “I will always support …

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Wither the Bhutanese media?

Sometime in 2012, a group of private newspapers appealed to the government against the implementation of the Advertisement Guidelines developed by the Ministry of Information and Communications. The government relented. That marked the beginning of the demise of the private press in Bhutan. The Guidelines would have pruned away the …

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Can we question our food self-sufficiency wish?

A recent editorial in Kuensel titled “A stunted agriculture sector” grabbed my attention, just because we have been trying to achieve food self-sufficiency since the establishment of the agriculture sector in 1961 together with the commencement of the first five-year plan in 1961. Similarly, an opinion piece by the former Secretary …

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In memoriam of a great friend: Namgyel Tshering

It is with deep sorrow that we received the very sad information in the early morning of Thursday, June 27th, 2019, that my friend and longstanding Helvetas collaborator Namgyel Tshering – in Bhutan, well known under the name “Helvetas Namgyel” – passed away. Close friends and his family are relieved that Namgyel was released from …

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All sound and no fury

Too much sound had been made! The first and the loudest was during the 10th Session of the 2nd Parliament of Bhutan when the House (National Assembly) decided to “exempt the levy of daily tariff of US$ 65 (Sustainable Development Fee) from the international tourists visiting eastern Bhutan to provide …

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The Comprehensive National Development Plan, 2030

When I visited the remote Island of Ama-Cho in May 2017, it had dramatically changed my perspective of the modern day Japan. Just like me, many Bhutanese government officials who visited Ama town could understand the importance of revitalization strategies, and its applications towards the formulation of the Comprehensive National …

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The cooking gas issue

There is much anxiety about the present shortage of subsidized cooking gas in the country. It is not pleasant to see long lines of consumers waiting to replace a gas cylinder. This is not the first time that such a problem has cropped up. Over the years, the Department of …

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The Compassionate Society

Tourists at the memorial choeten (file photo)

“…When Bhutan opened to foreign tourists in the 1970s, our leadership resisted the temptations to harness the quick fortunes from mass tourism and instead was prescient to formulate a visionary policy of High Value – Low Volume tourism. The wisdom of our tourism policy has led to the emergence of …

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Rekindling memory

It is found very educating and informative to witness the on-going deliberations taking place in the two houses of the Second Session of the Third Parliament. It was interesting how some issues always remain alive no matter how much the water has flown under the Lungtenzampa bridge. It is also …

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The status of TVET in Bhutan 

At long last, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) eventually caught the attention of the highest legislative body. The formation of a TVET committee at the apex level is most welcome news and long overdue. If vocational education is to be promoted as a mainstream choice, political will is …

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