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Undokai for revitalising the community in Bhutan

Undokai at Katso LSS, 2017

In the last few weeks, I was invited to the HPE (health and physical education) festival, or “Undokai” in Japanese, twice in the western and eastern Bhutan. In late September, Paro College of Education hosted their first Undokai event. The students of B.Ed (Primary), with guidance from the faculty members …

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Zero Hunger: Our actions today are our future tomorrow

Just three years ago, in September 2015, all United Nations Member States approved the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The eradication of hunger and all forms of malnutrition (Sustainable Development Goal number 2) was defined by world leaders as a cardinal objective of the Agenda, a sine qua noncondition for a …

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The elephant in the room

By this time next week, it will be clear who will form the new government. The third democratically elected government will implement the ambitious 12th Plan with an estimated budget size of Nu 336 Billion. Without clear-cut ideologies, both Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa and Druk Phuensum Tshogpa are running for government …

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His Eminence Lama Nyingkhula, alias Kunzang Wangdi (1942-2018)

Born (1942, water horse year) to Jurminla and Thinley, he was raised in Pangthang village in Bartsham in Tashigang. In the tradition of non-formal education in villages, his grandfather Nyoendola taught him when he was a child. He retained his parent’s beloved pet name for him, Nyingkhula (སྙིང་ཁུ་ལ). He grew …

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A light at the end of the Maokhola River?

Whether or not the Mao Chu locally known as Maokhola in Gelephu will have a motorable bridge over it at any point of time; nobody is certain about this quandary, yet too much water has flown down this river ever since the maiden episode of the bridge over the Mao …

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International Day for Older Persons

In Bhutan the Royal Society for Senior Citizens (RSSC) has been observing October 1 as the International Day for Older Persons along with the rest of the world. Senior citizens and members of the RSSC would meet and discuss issues affecting the elderly people on the day. This year we …

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The Iron Chain Links Of Bhutan

In 1433, the people of Paro forged 7,000 iron chain links for Drupthob Thangtong Gyalpo. The Tibetan adept had travelled to Paro to mine iron ore and to forge iron chains, which he used to build numerous suspension bridges in Tibet. Even after 585 years, most of these iron chains …

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Making our political conversation meaningful and relevant

If we want to make our democracy meaningful and relevant, our political conversation will have to be meaningful and relevant. Democracy should be about the competition of ideas – ideas to make our country better. But our political conversation is a far cry from that. The pervading tenor of conversation …

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Self-reliance as state of mind

At the very outset, I would like to put forth a disclaimer that the views expressed in this article are my own and do not in any way reflect that of my organisation. Self-reliance is the ability, commitment, and effort to provide the spiritual and temporal including the economic necessities …

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