Sunday , February 26 2017
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The Potential to make farmers happy

“Farmers” are the least GNH happy “Agriculture is not just an industry for Bhutan but also an important source of culture in Bhutan. If the power of agriculture were to decrease, so would the power of country”.

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Childhood experiences linked to quality of life

Ageing is a global phenomenon and the pace of population ageing is faster in developing countries compared to the developed world. People over 60 years of age are projected to reach one billion by 2020 and almost 2 billion by 2050 representing 22 percent of the world’s population.

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The old age tapestry

Sculpting and architecting a harmonious life at an old age in our country is now steadily perceived to be a distant and withdrawn reality in this age and time.

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Khenpo Karpo (1934-2017)

Khenpo Karpo

Obituary: This obituary is drawn from several discussions I have been fortunate to have with him over the last seven years. Zhenphen Rinpoche and Kelzang Jurmen summed up Khenpo’s spiritual attainments in their tributes.

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Governance under the Fourth Druk Gyalpo – Part-IV

Public Policies
Public Policy is the principled guide to action or in-action taken by the administrative and executive branch of the State. It must solve problems efficiently and effectively, serve justice, support governmental institutions and policies, and encourage active citizenship. 

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