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Chotrhul Dawa – The month of miracles

The first month of the modern Bhutanese calendar coincides with one of the holiest months in the Buddhist calendar: Chotrhul Dawa (ཆོ་འཕྲུལ་ཟླ་བ་), the month of miracles. It is believed to be the month when Buddha performed many miracles and outdazzled the rival teachers of his time. In the theory of …

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The Development of Bhutan’s Relations with India

Bhutan’s religious, cultural and historical ties with India go back many centuries. For many Bhutanese, India is the land of Lord Buddha and, therefore, the source of our spiritual heritage from which stems the Bhutanese identity. In modern terms, Bhutan and India began a new era of friendship and economic …

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An education Act for enlightened Bhutan?

Education and institutions of learning are regarded as the soul of the communities and societies as per the celebrated theories of socio spatial planning of the last century. Bhutan’s context is no different. In fact, it is more sensitive given the fact that our education system is deeply woven with …

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“Go and see” for yourself!

Legend has it that Taiichi Ohno, creator of the highly-successful Toyota Production System, would take young engineers to the manufacturing shop floor, where he would draw a chalk circle on the floor. The employee would be told to stand in the circle, observe, and note what he saw. When Ohno …

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Exit the Dog, Enter the Pig! 

With the Year of the (Earth) Pig upon us, we take one last look at Asia’s winners and losers in the year that was. In the Year of the Dog, who was up and who was down? Readers may well be surprised by the relative positions of China’s and Malaysia’s leaders …

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The four pillars of Eastern tourism?

A disappointed tourist at the locked gate to Yongphula airport

In a recent Kuensel article, Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering said that to develop tourism in the Eastern sector, more research is required. “We cannot send equal number of tourists to all the areas, but what we can do is send more tourists to areas where they are willing to go…” “…where they …

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Winter camp for highland schoolchildren

JICA Bhutan Office hosted the Winter Camp for Highland Children from Lunana Primary School from January 10 -16 January at the Technical Training Institute, Punakha. With the successful completion of the whole program without any injury or trouble incurred to the 32 participating children, I would like to thank all …

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Saving Bhutan’s forest

Underdeveloped and lacking capital, Bhutan saw its forest resource as a low-hanging fruit in the early period of modernization. The 1974 National Forest Policy ruled: A major share of the contribution to the national exchequer will have to be from forests. Therefore, the starting premise of this policy should be …

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Reflections on the three elections gone by

With the 2018 polls way behind us, and with three elections on our back now, it is time we reflect on how an important element of our democracy project – the electoral process, could be fine-tuned as we move forward. It is my assumption that 10 years is long enough …

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