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The Failure of Success

The near-oxymoronic paradox in the title is echoed by the secretary of SMHA (State Mental Health Authority), Kerala, India in his comment on the curious ‘Kerala Model’ development.

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CSO is the oxygen of democracies

Civil society is the oxygen of world’s most vibrant and stable democracies. In these countries, governments, civil society and development partners work together to achieve common goals.

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Hydropower and the Bhutanese economy

Today we are seeing three mega hydropower projects underway with mega attention from public eye and critics thereof. And recently we have been noticing appetite from lawmakers to review the Electricity Act-2001 and the Hydropower Policy-2008. Thus the Hydropower sector clearly stands in the limelight at present.

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Our only power – hydropower

Our economic fortune, energy security, national sovereignty and hydropower are inextricably linked. This critical linkage needs to be understood and appreciated in the broader context of our future in the new Asian Century.

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A case for the decriminalisation of marijuana Part ONE


Don’t get me wrong; I’m on the right side of the law

AT the outset, let me put my cards on the table, so as to banish all doubt, that it’s not in the least my brief – god forbid! - to press a suit for the legalisation of this particular controlled substance or, for that matter, any other.

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