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There is no free lunch

Few months ago, I chanced upon a Facebook post addressed to the PM from our young overseas workers in Japan. The letter mainly sheds light on their struggles and aspirations of the so-called developed country. It also remarks on the challenges of having to keep up with the exorbitant living …

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Are we getting our priorities right?

Bhutan has made impressive progress within the last couple of decades in all spheres of development. We now have a fairly extensive road network; electricity supply has reached all nooks and corners of the country; there is adequate coverage of health and education facilities; we have our own airline including …

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Tuesdays with Morrie, a book by Mitch Albom

This May 2nd, I chose to review a book that I respect and have read twice. It reminds me of my parents, teachers, lecturers and students from whom I have learnt to live and be a good human being. It made me come an inch closer to understanding the meaning …

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Sixth industry initiative Bhutanese students saw in rural Japan

While high-level diplomacy between Bhutan and Japan is the talk of the town, less frequently highlighted is the one at the private level. Every year, more than 20 high school and college students from Bhutan, together with participants from the other SAARC member countries, are invited to a 10-day cultural …

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Election is here again!

It was a mix feeling of hesitance and excitement when the people of Bhutan went to the polls for the first time in 2008. A lot has been said about this globally unprecedented privilege (with responsibility) bestowed upon its people from no other than their throne in the Kingdom of …

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How best to assess Bhutan fintech? Put people first

Bangkok — Bhutan might not yet be included when shaping a list of major influencers in the area of fintech.  Giant neighbours China and India are more likely to come to mind. But across Asia, in nations large and small, the benefits of addressing the digital divide and of harnessing …

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