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Imagining an institutional complex in Phuentsholing

The site for the proposed Shiva mandir in Phuentsholing

Inspired by the sanctity and grace of the Shiva Mandir in Samtse and mindful of the lessons from the painful journey of the Hindu temple construction in Thimphu, the   Shiva mandir construction in Phuentsholing is headed in the right direction, at least for the moment.  Planned on a land …

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The abilities of those living with disabilities

Couple of weeks ago, I returned from Japan, attending a course on Capacity Development of Leaders with Disabilities for UNCRPD (UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities) Implementation from September 28 to November 8, 2017. We were a group of eight, from different cultures of different countries, yet …

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Replenishing Himalayan Springs, a lesson from Sikkim

Natural spring water emerges in a small steady stream from a pile of rocks and foliage by the roadside, somewhere along the long and winding stretch that connects Gangtok and Namchey in Sikkim. The Kaila Bhaji Dhara is one of the many perennial springs that have been revived through the …

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A Japanese GNH factory employs persons with intellectual disability

In early November, Bhutan hosted the 7th International Conference on GNH in Thimphu. While many of the international scholars and practitioners tried to propose their academic input to the prototype GNH certification tool, Mieko Nishimizu, former vice president of the World Bank, referred to a book, The Companies We Should …

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Our future is in our vote

In about a quarter of a year from now, our national landscape will be lined with political motif as politicians of all colours begin stirring a political ruckus canvassing for votes. The heavy wheel of democracy will be turned once again in our tiny nation, for the third time, as …

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Building Resilience through Cardamom

In the eastern Himalaya, climate change and its impacts are making farming a less predictable livelihood for mountain communities. Generating extra income to make up for potential shortfalls is more important than ever. Fortunately, through some hard work and innovation, large cardamom is proving to be a potential boon for …

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“Bazaar Inna?”

This infamous greeting, redundant as it is, was made infamous during a time of innocence. But not easily gone, the greeting still greets the streets. With the new millennium, a crop of so-called educated-elite began ridiculing the obvious. But stubbornly, the greeting persists. The once informal and polite marketplace greeting …

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Golden Jubilee: The establishment of the High Court of Bhutan

Introduction The High Court of Bhutan completes 50th years of its glorious existence this year, the year of Fire Female Rooster, 2017.  His Late Majesty the Third Druk Gyalpo Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, among many institutional initiatives and reforms, established the National Assembly in 1953 and an independent judiciary with the …

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Can Hindus in Bhutan do better?

One man’s view on why Hindus in Bhutan are becoming an embarrassment to themselves, and why the Hindu Dharma Samudaya must aim to cultivate a ‘one Hindu’ community Generally, I strictly avoid both private and public meddling in the matters of religion because I consider myself too secular to dig …

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