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Governance in Bhutan – Part III

Five Year Plans of Bhutan The Five Year Plans (FYP) of Bhutan are a series of national economic development plans adopted by the government of Bhutan since 1961 based on socialist model of Russia and as dovetailed by India.  In the World Bank’s 1989 appraisal:

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Household air pollution: A public health hazard in rural areas

While people tend to believe that air pollution is an outdoor urban problem, the indoor environment in rural areas experience the highest pollution levels. Many rural residents in developing countries rely on coal and unprocessed biomass fuels (wood, cattle dung and crop residues) as the primary energy source for cooking and heating.

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The ‘Imagine ONEWORLD Kimono Project’

ne an ideal condition where all the people in the world wear the same dress.  A dress that has patterns and designs of all that is popular and existing in their land; flowers, animals, insects, landmarks or any other significant existence of the country from which a person originates.

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Governance in Bhutan-Part II

Royal Household under the Monarchy The Royal Household under the Monarchs comprised of: Dronyer (Chief of Protocol), Zimpon (Chamberlain), Chang-gap Bomsho (Senior Butler, they are addressed as Gup or goop), Chang-gap (Butler), Kadreb (Conservationist) and Chha-Zhumi (Royal Attendant).

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Hema Hema – the Bhutanese narrative

I am glad that Hema Hema – the latest film by Dzongsar Khyentse, is not banned or barred, as it was reported in the social media but that the film is under review. Having watched it several times, I would like to share my analysis of the film here. I may add that I am not associated with the production of the film in any way.

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Jigme Namgyel in Trongsa – a name, a symbol and a vision!

It felt as if Jigme Namgyel finally returned to Trongsa after 135 years. As His Majesty The King and His Majesty The Fourth Druk Gyalpo accompanied by Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen, members of the Royal Family and representatives of the people took His Royal Highness The Gyalsey into Trongsa Dzong on December 18,

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