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Farming for the future

The future livelihoods of tobacco farmers matter. Seeking out and securing market-based alternatives is of vital importance. 

Supporting tobacco farmers find alternative livelihoods is both necessary and proper. As demand for tobacco products among wealthier countries declines, and as measures to roll-back tobacco consumption in the developing world take effect, farming communities must have the tools needed to secure their future.

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Let’s make Bhutan a “Fab Country”

What is “FabLab”?

Many subscribers of Kuensel may remember that in the interview featured in the May 5 issue, I said: “If I may add flavour to JICA programmes, employment opportunities or ways to create jobs both in the capital city and rural areas would be interesting.

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Miracles from doctors

Until recently, doctors in Bhutan were indispensable. This is no longer the case. Now, Bhutan has 244 doctors, 957 nurses, 514 health assistants and many others that provide service to the people. There are several hundreds more undergoing training in neighbouring countries and they will join in the service of the nation soon.

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On Memory and Elegance

Memories are not for enlightened beings. Enlightened beings don’t remember because, for them, there is no past. Past—and for that matter present and future—are for beings like us, who use the past as a reference and then expect and assume that the future will come.

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Thromde elections rhetoric

Is local government election in sixteen dzongkhag thromdes and yenlag thromdes, a pomposity or a veracity? That is what hundreds of aspiring candidates who resigned from jobs while some left studies to contest are waiting for appropriate responses from the relevant organisations.

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