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Norzin Lam closure will benefit everyone

It is not unusual when one has to make a minimum of one round around the Norzin Lam to park a car. With insufficient car parking spaces and the narrow lane, driving around Norzin Lam is a pain. Norzin Lam is one street that every driver wants to avoid. Applying breaks, pressing the clutch and accelerator time and again.

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Treating the expatriate workforce better

One of Bhutan’s spectacular attempts to popularise an alternative development paradigm that puts happiness at the centre of our development philosophy and our unprecedented efforts to conserve our pristine natural environment has drawn numerous accolades in the international arena.

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Re-thinking college education in Bhutan

Our country is still in her early stage of democracy. Even so, we have witnessed how undesirable party politics has become in the recent years. Our people are now more alienated from one another than they were a decade or so ago.

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