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What is the right Business Model for Bhutan?

A State Entrepreneurial Capitalism or a Family Entrepreneurial Capitalism

The overarching theme of Bhutan’s economic pursuit has always been the need to achieve economic self-reliance, although, today, realizing it before 2020 is seemingly becoming farfetched.

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The Making of My Nation

And thus the nation was made. The space was there as nature gave it. It had to be peopled and thus humans came. The beacon hailed and we heeded. We animated vacant expanse and called it to life. A covenant was made. Destiny was sealed.

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Big lessons on climate change from a small country

The mountain kingdom of Bhutan may not seem an obvious place to look for lessons on addressing climate change. But on a recent visit here I was impressed with how much this small country has achieved and also with its ambition. Bhutan has much to teach South Asia and the wider world.

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Reading for Happiness

We always hear people complaining that they have no time to read. Most of us cannot find the time for many things, specially unpleasant tasks, and probably reading also has become such an unpleasant chore.  Though we do not find time for reading, we have time to be enslaved by the 'idiot box' for many hours everyday, we have time to play games on our mobile phones, waste hours on social media sites.

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Bhutan better off with the current daily tourist tariff

Part I In the wake of the recent spate of discussions on the possibility of revising the country’s current tourism policy (i.e. liberalizing the daily minimum tourist tariff), many of us are left anxious and worried. Assuming that the Parliament endorses the recommendations, it's disconcerting to even imagine the ramifications of sudden influx of tourists in the country.

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“GNH should not baffle policymakers”

Q&A: What is the GNH Index and why do we need it? An index is a crunched number. If GDP is not so baffling to policy makers, GNH index should not be at all because it is simpler. GDP is a very useful measurement, especially for the short term.

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