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Discovering Happiness in Bhutan

Known as the “Kingdom of happiness” and the “last Shangri-la”, Bhutan has always had a special appeal for me. Now that it is part of my portfolio as Chinese ambassador to India,

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The Legal Order of Mangpo Kurwai Gyalpo: Legal & Philosophical Narratives Part II

The Legal Order of the Great Chosen One

To alleviate from the salvage of sufferings, the beings initiated (sem chen tshog zhing) the great congruence and assemblage from all walks of life to pursue common goal of restoring peace, harmony and justice. They were convinced that an insurmountable suffering causes misery of all beings whether they are high, low, rich or the poor.

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How Inclusive is Bhutan’s Growth?

Part 2 of 2 In the first part, Bhutan’s performance in the five variables of economic opportunities of the 15 that composed the ESCAP’s inclusive index was discussed. ESCAP’s 2015 survey did not include the figures for Bhutan. This article attempts to do that.

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Earthquakes in Bhutan: past, present, future Part II

Present Fortunately, it is not necessary to “wait” for more large earthquakes to progress the study of seismicity in Bhutan. Rather, careful analysis of smaller earthquakes that occur much more frequently can reveal important characteristics of the tectonic structure and overall seismic behaviour.

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The meaty debate

Where is my country heading? Dear Prime Minister, I write to you as a concerned Bhutanese on the issue of starting a meat-processing unit, in other words, slaughterhouse with the rationale to meet the growing demand while curtailing cash outflow to boost economy.

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Being well-prepared is subjective and relative

Going through Kuensel’s article  “Is Bhutan ready for the big one?” and other opinions expressed, I could not help, but note some disturbing remarks made by the article, Disaster Department’s Director and an official from Department of Engineering Services, about “being not prepared in case of major earthquake in Bhutan.” …

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Earthquakes in Bhutan: past, present, future Part I

The intent of this article is to provide a brief introduction to the study of earthquakes, and then summarize our understanding of earthquakes in Bhutan; past, present and future. Studying a planet in motion Earthquakes are part of a natural process, the expression of enormous forces that are generated and …

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