Monday , December 11 2017
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The flying BEAR

Of the myriad events that rose to the occasion to commemorate the 60th birth anniversary of our beloved King, His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo in the country, one amongst many that have been speculated to reverberate with an accelerating vigor in the times to come have been vehemently foreseen with the establishment of the Royal Bhutan Helicopter Services Limited (RBHSL).

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Forms of Address

“There is no such thing as surname or family name in Bhutan except for the royal family and a few other families.” Dasho Rigzin Dorji’s paper, Forms of Address in Bhutan clarifies several issues that many visitors to Bhutan wonder about.

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Trhuebab, the descent of blessed water

The Trhuebab (ཁྲུས་བབ་) festival is an important cultural event in Bhutan, observed mainly in the eastern districts. It literally means the descent (བབ་) of blessed water (ཁྲུས་) and refers to the blessing which falls on the waters on earth. The festival is neither a celebration of the rainy season nor of the end of it. There is no direct link to rain. Thus, the current rendering of Trhuebab as Blessed Rainy Day in English is wrong.

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Countering rural urban migration through regional revitalisation

I was excited to be visiting Japan again, where I would get to marvel at the technology, cuisine, culture and urban spaces. But when we visited a small remote island town of Ama-Cho, I felt that it had a different story to tell from what we usually observe in the urban areas of Japan. I realised that they face similar challenges of dwindling population in the rural areas, lack of accessibility, limited economic activities, and employment opportunities.

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Mentally ill, neglected and homeless

It is becoming increasingly common to see homeless people all over the country, especially in Thimphu. Most are mentally ill. These people are abandoned by family, friends and the society at large because of their mental condition.

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So, I’m not the youngest author of Bhutan anymore…

For the longest time, I had been meaning to write about how it feels like being the youngest author of Bhutan. It was probably going to be filled with how uncomfortable the title “The Youngest Author” had been for me and how hard it was growing up trying to meet the expectations of everyone around me. However, now that I’ve lost that title, it’s kind of bittersweet. For almost all the time that I had that title, I wished that I didn’t, except when it made my resume look good.

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Build climate-resilient health systems

Health systems must adapt to rising global temperatures  Climate change is happening. In recent years average temperatures across the globe have increased, with significant impact on humanity’s most precious resource – the environment. Water systems are stressed. Food sources are imperiled. And areas once safe for settlement are threatened and ...

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Groups for sustainability

In Barshong these days, you must belong. And most farmers do, either in the vegetable revolution or in the goat rearing experiment. This inclusiveness is cemented by the creation of watertight thematic units of farmers’ groups.

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