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A simple way to save a life: Give blood

Most of us want to make a positive difference to the lives of others – people we don’t know; people we may never meet. Thankfully, there’s a simple, safe and effective way to make the biggest difference of all: give blood. Doing so is a uniquely powerful act. The blood …

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In praise of integrated education system

Remember graduating high school with a question – ‘Now what?’ Well, seems like there’s really a solution that only needs access and penetration into the educational systems of the nation. There aren’t many high schools in Bhutan that teach subjects like Psychology or Politics, so when a student signs up …

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A dog eat dog world, literally?

All dug up: Hungry stray dogs stole the carcass of a buried pet

In December 1986, an overseas volunteer wrote to Kuensel complaining about the stray dogs problem in the capital, Thimphu. The dogs, she wrote in the “Letter to the editor column” of Kuensel, were a menace even biting school children. Kuensel published a similar letter this year from a Motithang resident.  There …

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Back in Bhutan after 22 years

The only idea I had about Bhutan was through my school geography lesson – Neighbours of India. After post-graduation, I had joined as a junior lecturer in a college. Sometime in May of 1979, there was recruitment going on for teachers in Bhutan in SMV High School Trivandrum, India.  We, …

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Laying the foundation of a digital Bhutan

In April, my fellow Harvard Kennedy School alum Kinga Tshering wrote an article on his blog describing the potential of teaching the computer programming language Python to Bhutanese students. His post spawned a lively debate on the merits of Python versus other programming languages, and the value of teaching students …

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Education: Looking holistically and beyond

Kuensel’s May 25, 2018 editorial titled ‘Education: Looking Ahead’, does not portray our education system in its right light. The editorial targets the education system for frequent changes of its policies and further rebukes by stating ‘play not with education and the future of the nation’. I feel that such …

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Re-Normalising the exceptional

It was an event truly exceptional, viewed from the perspective of the general run of things today. How many governors of the country’s central bank will assemble the chief executive officers of important financial institutions, business leaders, investors, and policy-influencers and call upon them to be partners and stakeholders in …

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Moderation Exercise and the IWP 

In any organisational framework, Performance Management Systems (PMS) is a vital tool for assessing the employee’s contribution towards the growth of it, primarily to reward the performers and punish those who underperform. Over the years, the RCSC has been depending on Performance Evaluations (PE) to assess and monitor the performance …

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