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The Compassionate Society

Tourists at the memorial choeten (file photo)

“…When Bhutan opened to foreign tourists in the 1970s, our leadership resisted the temptations to harness the quick fortunes from mass tourism and instead was prescient to formulate a visionary policy of High Value – Low Volume tourism. The wisdom of our tourism policy has led to the emergence of …

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Rekindling memory

It is found very educating and informative to witness the on-going deliberations taking place in the two houses of the Second Session of the Third Parliament. It was interesting how some issues always remain alive no matter how much the water has flown under the Lungtenzampa bridge. It is also …

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The status of TVET in Bhutan 

At long last, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) eventually caught the attention of the highest legislative body. The formation of a TVET committee at the apex level is most welcome news and long overdue. If vocational education is to be promoted as a mainstream choice, political will is …

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Thangtong Gyalpo- Leonardo da Vinciof the Himalayas

Secret Biography  “It is a small block-print, only four fingers wide and a hand length long, made of apparently blank, light colored fiber paper without writing. Only when the pages are held under water do faint red letters appear.” During one of their visits to Bhutan, three European scientists learn …

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Tourism: Are we ignoring the standards?

Tourism in Bhutan was built on the foundation of high standards. The guiding principle on which the tourism policy started was High Value and Low Volume. This guideline, over time, blended to High Value and Low Impact. The minimum fixed tariff set during the rein of His Majesty the Drukgyal …

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How about introducing Disadvantage Compensation Allowance?

It’s an undeniable fact that civil servants, corporate employees and almost everyone want to crowd into Thimphu. Thimphu is bursting at the seams while other towns wear a dismal look. Living and working in Thimphu means being close to the head office, the best referral hospital in the country, being …

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The hiccups in our education system

For the last seven years of my teaching career, I have seen our education system occupying center stage for betterment. I have also witnessed the society deriving hasty generalizations about teachers, when someone from the education fraternity breaches teacher’s code of conduct and appears in the spotlight. During such a …

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Yonphula, more than an airport

The small two-storied terminal building serves both as the control tower and check-in counter. On the ground floor, a large room has a table where as you get in, the ground staff opens your bag and checks for any restricted items. Then you proceed to a weighing machine (the ones …

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