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Sexual harassment

What is Sexual Harassment? What do we do when we experience sexual harassment? Where and how do we seek help? A recent article in Kuensel from a concerned citizen on her unpleasant experience with a parking fee collector has prompted the crucial need to answer these questions with utmost urgency. …

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Women in Politics

If democracy is to be vibrant and if its spirit of freedom and equality is to be a living reality, the value of women’s representation in politics cannot be overstated. Studies have it that when women do not make the number in parliament, generally two things happen – they either …

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Women in politics

Bhutan, a country that has always taken pride in being a matriarchal society, now seems to be failing its women. Of the 188 candidates in the 2018 National Assembly primary elections, only 19 are women (10.1%). This is a decrease from 31 in the last 2013 primaries. Bhutan Kuen-Nyam Party …

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Media and the elections

The National Assembly is dissolved. The ministers and member of parliaments have changed their colours (kabney). Soon they will be out in the fields campaigning. It is should be exciting to be in the media. With two rounds of elections lined up, it is going to be a busy autumn …

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Strengthen the civil service MAX system

The Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) starting Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 – 2017 implemented Managing for Excellence (MAX) system for the civil service replacing the old Performance Management System (PMS). Comparatively, MAX is a better system than PMS. However, after undergoing two FY experiences and currently carrying out the third …

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“A Speaker has to know the law”

Kuensel’s Chief Reporter Tshering Palden caught up with the Speaker Jigme Zangpo for a conversation on his term in the Parliament and hereafter. Looking back over your five years in the Parliament, what were some of the accomplishments? Although this is the second parliament after introduction of parliamentary democracy, the …

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