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Management of BPH and cancer prostate

Every man has some enlargement of prostate after the age of 50 years. Approximately 17 percent of the men above 50 years and 35 percent of the men above 70 years suffer from Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS).  The common causes of enlargement of Prostate include benign (Non cancerous) enlargement …

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Fangu fungus festival

This year, for over a period of two weeks in May/June, Fangu in Lunana gewog will host about 500 Lunaps representing all 190 households of the gewog. This is special as it comes only once in five years and no one needs to be reminded or invited to be part …

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Bank of Bank: Part II

In 1968, the first manager of Bank of Bhutan died in a car crash in Switzerland. With the tragic accident of Mr. John Roger Stansfield Holmes, the country’s first bank had to explore other options of management. The, ‘Review Report 1968-78,’ which documents the history of the bank talks about …

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Punsari, a ‘Smart Neighborhood’ of Community Solutions

Would you imagine a village of six thousand, warmly greeting you with smiles for the reason they live in a safe neighborhood with surveillance cameras in all locations; a smart community in which messages and announcements from the village head office (Gram Panchayat Office) can instantly be delivered to its …

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The dragon returns to space from whence it came

In celebration of science and Bhutan-1 Science as a universal language Science is a universal language without borders. In science, what is being discovered and contributed to the scientific literature and the scientific community is more important than who has done it. In a society where education was traditionally given …

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Deconstructing the gender gap

There is a long-standing notion that the struggle for closing the gender gap is a women’s issue and that women are the sole protagonists of the cause. This view is a myopic one as the gender gap is a societal issue. Therefore, engaging women alone is not enough, and for …

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