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Celebrating the New Year

CELEBRATION: It is time to say goodbye to 2014. We look forward to the coming of 2015.

If you want to welcome the New Year by partying hard, Viva City is one of the clubs to party in Thimphu. The club is preparing for a grand celebration. There will be local bands playing around a campfire.

Rinchen, the owner of Viva City, said the main purpose of setting up a party place outside is to provide a big space for people. It will also have a fast food stall outside.

“We want to have everything under one roof so that people don’t have to go outside the club to eat if they are hungry,” said Rinchen. “Entertainment in Bhutan is picking up so we are trying to do in a different way. Everyone will come out to celebrate with families and friends and we are expecting more people than usual to come at our place.”

Viva City has set aside a budget of Nu 100,000 for New Year party gifts. There will be a lucky draw. Dell laptop is for the first, 40-inch LED flat screen for the second and digital camera for the third.

The Crystal Ballroom at Namseling Boutique Hotel promises an exciting and memorable night to remember for Thimphu residents. The ballroom with its luxury setting invites people to experience the mind-bending house music of DJ Lone Jelva Hensen from Denmark and DJ Karma Delek.

Passing, 25, said that clubs will be very crowded, especially during New Year. She prefers to spend good time with her friends in a quiet place. She has saved her this month’s salary just for the New Year.

“I believe that if you begin the first day of the New Year well, the rest of year will go well. So I plan to celebrate the New Year with friends and have fun,” she said. “No grand celebration, just a dinner and booze. If we get superdrunk, we might start on something.”

For 24-year-old Dechen, celebration is not always going out and spending the night with crowds of people. She wants to celebrate New Year at home with a casual get-together with friends and family.

“Usually, everyone at home is busy working and we hardly get to spend quality time together. New Year is the only time for me to be at home with my family and eat together,” said Dechen.

By Dechen Tshomo

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