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Poor road conditions between Chagzam and Doksum irks commuters
Poor road conditions between Chagzam and Doksum irks commuters

Chagzam–Doksum road needs maintenance

From Chagzam in Trashigang, Doksum town in Trashiyangtse is just 10.2km. But the journey is treacherous.

The condition of the road has been worsening over the years.

Sangay Dorji, a taxi driver, said it is difficult, particularly for small cars. “The road has not seen maintenance for along time.”

Another taxi driver, Pema Wangchuck, said that he has been travelling up and down this road for two years. “For us, it is very expensive. The little money that we earn goes to maintenance because of the poor condition of the road.”

Medical emergencies are a serous problem on the road, he added. “The road is dusty in winter and muddy in summer. And it is risky.”

Chungku Wangdi, 48, said officials of the dzongkhag and Department of Roads were not bothered about the hardship facing the people. “The widening work was completed a long time ago. But we don’t understand why they are not blacktopping the road.”

People living along the highway say that from the road is a serious problem.

Chief Executive Engineer, Jampal Wangchuk, said the shortage of budget was the main reason why the road was not blacktopped.

The approved budget of Nu 20 million could be enough to blacktop only 1.5 km stretch, he added.

Neten Dorji | Trashigang

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