Tuesday , October 24 2017
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For Advertisement
Contact 975 2 326191
Fax 975 2 326638
Email: kuenseladvertisement@gmail.com/ advertisement@kuensel.com.bt


  1. Do you have advertising in your online newspaper, or only in the print version? I do not see any online. I was considering placing a job advertisement. I presume there is a cost for this in the print version.
    Daphne Toombs
    ZOOP Mobility Inc.

  2. Jan Vankrunkelsven

    Where is the contact form please ?

  3. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THAT FORUM COLUMN HAS BEEN IN DUTY ON 8/4 AND IN THE NIGHT ( 2H30 AM in the night Bhutan time ) suddenly Forum column was out of duty !

    Are you being suppress that column ???


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