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Court orders Bhutanomics website block

The Bhutan infoComm and media authority (BICMA) has directed the country’s internet service providers (ISPs) to block the anonymous website, Bhutanomics.

Kuensel learned that the block is the result of a Phuentsholing district court order.  It has also been learned that a person filed a defamation charge against the website.  Further details could not be obtained.

BICMA did not comment on the issue as of last night.

While three of the country’s four ISPs confirmed the BICMA directive to block the website, private ISP DrukCom has currently not blocked the website, according to its proprietor, Rinzy Dorji.  He said that the ISP has not received any directive to block the website.

The Bhutanomics website appeared on the internet in early 2012, and allows users to post articles on current and past social and political issues, both serious and satirical.

The website was mentioned in the media earlier this year, when it alleged that one of the ISPs, Druknet, had blocked it, given that Druknet users could not access it, while users of the country’s three private ISPs could.

The current block was enforced yesterday.  However, the website is currently still viewable, using proxy websites or servers.

By Gyalsten K Dorji

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  1. If you read Bhutanomics from a neutral perspective, how much truth did it contain? People can write both negative and positive sides. But, they should not write false and fictitious things against anyone. Bad strategies will never lead to success.

  2. Why would anybody write negative about others? Its purpose is to discredit these persons so that the writer can get recognition and get in place of the persons whose images have been destroyed. These writers are the losers and do not worry about creating disharmony in the society. They may feel that they have nothing to loose but at the end they will always be losers and they will never be able to take the positions of those that such writers are trying to spoil. I am extremely glade that Bhutanomic has been block. Nothing else is more important than social harmony in a GNH society like Bhutan.

  3. Hope Bhutanomic will take action in this regard …

  4. It’s not the court but DPT who is so scared of the truth. Block one site and another will emerge. Change your ways and you will not have to block or be scared.
    Bhutanomics please resurface on another platform, we are all waiting.

  5. Its so ridiculous….I loved this website so much…..People hate this website as they are the wrong doers…. May Bhutanomics flourish with proxy servers….

  6. I am glad this site is blocked. It’s a useless site causing disharmony in the country by brain washing people. The site is very negative and makes personal attacks. There is no accountability. Should have been filed much before. I am not siding anybody but as a general viewer and concerned citizen, I think it was best thing to do.

  7. To progress, both good and bad must be surfaced. The news papers carry mostly the good part of the story. People are unaware of what is going on behind the scene. The particular website stands for gaping this limit.

    How can the court order to block the site for the benefit of one complaint. There is no wrong as far as an individual expresses his opinion. I don’t find a conclusive reasons to block the site.

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